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Audacious You can t keep a good woman down Kris Longknife returns Once again Kris finds herself caught in the crosshairs of unknown enemies who want her dead Factions both legitimate and underground vie for c

  • Title: Audacious
  • Author: Mike Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9781429578745
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • You can t keep a good woman down Kris Longknife returns Once again Kris finds herself caught in the crosshairs of unknown enemies who want her dead Factions, both legitimate and underground, vie for control of the planet New Eden And someone is taking advantage of the chaos to unleash a personal vendetta against Kris.

    • ☆ Audacious || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Mike Shepherd
      492 Mike Shepherd
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      Posted by:Mike Shepherd
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    1 thought on “Audacious

    1. Well, so much for getting any sleep. This week (if patterns continue). Who needs work, right? Places pay for book reviews. Real money and everything. Somewhere. I think. Maybe. sighThis one takes place entirely on the planet Eden and not even in orbit but actually on the planet. So no space battles. Lots of space Marines, though, and that's as good. This one is actually on the high end of my so far four-star-only ratings (i.e. one of the better in the series so far) so I didn't miss the space at [...]

    2. Another good installment in the series, this time out we meet the new Peterwald scion - Victoria Smythe-Peterwald. Nitpick: However, editing issues abound - there seemed to be a real shortage of question marks when this was typeset, and several dozen places where a word was used, but it was the *wrong* word. The editor obviously relied on computer spell-check, rather than a human, to their lack.

    3. The "Kris Longknife" series is great - it's pure fun in the best way while also delivering great character development, a solid story, and entertaining prose. That's what I've come to expect from this series. Since Shepherd has a knack for dropping just enough of a hook to make reading the next novel a priority, I started "Audacious," the fifth book in this open-ended series, almost as soon as I'd finished "Resolute." I often find myself turning to this series when I find myself wanting some rol [...]

    4. It is almost as if the author had looked into the future and read my review of his last book and then wrote this one. Everything that I felt was wrong with the last one was damned right with this one. No aliens. No damn sidetrack 'excursion'. No idiot antagonist. And lots, and lots of what I love about the series. The characters were brilliantly well developed, the plot exciting as hell and the writing style just picked me up and carried me away. It was a great story, I really liked it. Unlike m [...]

    5. This is the 5th book in the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. In this one Kris is sent to the planet Eden by her Grandpa Ray who is also King Raymond of The United Sentients. Eden is the oldest Earth colony and believed to be the most civilized and peaceful of all the colonies of mankind. Kris quickly finds out that things aren't quite what they seem. Their is much unrest in the lower classes who aren't allowed to vote and are considered second class citizens by the elite of Eden. There is [...]

    6. This was one of the better Kris Longknife books to me. We get to see Kris grow up some and become a better commander, considering her people and the butcher's bill before she leaps into action. She also realizes that her first idea is not likely always her best.We also learn that despite being beautiful, but not in the traditional sense, Kris is somewhat insecure about her bust size and the size of her nose. I don't know much about makeup, but I would assume that Abby could use some techniques t [...]

    7. Recent Reads: Audacious. Bk 5 of Mike Shepherd's Kris Longknife series. Sent out of harms way, Kris finds planetary politics risky business.

    8. Although at a disadvantage cause I'm not familiar with the world and it';s politics still it was an entertaining, solid, military space opera read

    9. Growing up is hard on your family.The continuing saga of Kris Longknife is a joy and interesting read. I will continue to follow the series . This was hard growth on our heroine but ever forward bringing law and order.

    10. Up until the last novel, the Peterwald heir has been a genetically modified plastic playboy who may or may not have been oblivious to what was really going on. Suddenly he went all Stepford wife and became Daddy's little tool, and as a pumped up Tin Admiral, he went way out of his depth and got himself killed. Yes his life pod was rigged to fail, but it was his mistakes that required it and his mistake to trust it. So he is thoroughly complicit, by incompetence, in his own death. Now, deux ex ma [...]

    11. The author seriously needs to attend a romance writers' convention and learn more about women, how they think, and how they live.An active duty female Marine needs 2200-2400 calories a day. A bran muffin for breakfast isn't going to cut it. Kris may be Navy but she's hanging out and working out with the Marines in this book. She needs to be strong and healthy.For that matter, if she's worried about her weight, why not ask Nelly to monitor her? I'm sure Nelly can figure out nutrition, caloric int [...]

    12. This is book five in the Longknife series. Navy Lieutenant Kristine Longknife, Princess of Wardhaven is going on vacation to the planet New Eden. Of course, her family assigns her various diplomatic and military obligations while on the planet. These jobs are to stand around looking pretty during diplomatic occasions and dealing with paperwork.Two assassination attempts convince Kris and her bodyguard Jack something is wrong in New Eden. They dig deeper into the planet society and find a deeply [...]

    13. As usual, Shepherd is up to his usual tricks combining a well-fashioned plot with humor and characters you love. His main character is a member of a larger than life family--the Longknifes and she has gotten into the same sort of heroic hijinks that has won a name for other members of her family. In this book, she is sent to supposedly negotiate contracts for her family's software company and wins over the marines who guard the embassy as well as have to deal with a planet that doesn't allow all [...]

    14. Weakest book of the series, I'm afraid.On the plus side, we learn a lot more about Abby and het past. We are introduced to Vicky Peterwald, who takes over from Hank as dumb baddie (with no more smarts, it seems), and we've picked up a couple of teenage kids to ad into the mix. We still get the usual bloodbath, and we still end the book in Mac's office back on Waldhaven.This book felt like it was just marking time, waiting for the next big space adventure. We are planet-bound on New Eden for the [...]

    15. In Audacious, Kris is sent to Eden, an old and conservative colony world where her native and cosmopolitan Wardhaven is thought of as very much a backwater. The plot seems absent at the start, apart from the by now de rigeur repeated attempts on Kris’ life. As usual, the Peterwalds are trying to take over. As usual, Kris Longknife is in the way.While the series cannot live forever on repetitive plots somewhat varied, the characters do carry this book along like they did the others. The added w [...]

    16. The first of the series where Kris doesn't really spent tons of time dealing with space combat (well I suppose there is plenty of dirtside action in the other books, but this one has NONE up in space, where's the fun in that?). I felt that with this book things really took a downhill turn. Still a pretty good book and I do reccomend reading it, but don't expect it to be quite as engaging as the other ones unless you are into big city sprawls with their messed up political intrigue they can spawn [...]

    17. I love these books so much. Kris kicks butt. She's one of my favorite heroines - across genres - and tied for favorite heroine in the SF genre (with Cherijo Greyveil of the Stardoc series by SL Viehl). And man, this book does not disappoint with the writing and the characterization and the sheer attention-grabbing, forget-to-do-anything-else action. I love Abby - the maid who isn't a maid - and the insertion of some backstory for her upped the book-love for this series to a whole other level. I [...]

    18. I'm still enjoying this series even allowing for the rather formulaic plotting of each additional entry (visit troubled area, fix with great firepower, get kicked out of troubled area by unappreciative but now improved citizens). That aside the action is always well written and the story rarely lags. I enjoy the characters and the explosions so basically I'm good with this seeries indefinitely. I will note that it is increasingly difficult to write individual reviews as the series sticks to it's [...]

    19. The continuing adventures of 'those damn Longknifes' and their continuing scraps with the Peterwalds. I enjoy this series because the writer does a good job of developing characters and writing dialogue. I still have a little trouble following the action scenes as the author doesn't seem to be very good at fleshing out action scenes but that's ok since he more than makes up for it with continuing the story. Looking forward to reading more adventures.

    20. Some books in series are formulaic; this is one of them. We don't learn anything in particular about our main characters or their world. The good guys are good and heroic; the bad guys are mustache-twirlers. We're introduced to a new Peterwald child, who is simply an evil spoiled brat. The entire novel is set up to produce the final scene of estrangement. Still, it's competently done, the mustache-twirling didn't get too out of hand, and the brat could be ignored.

    21. Kris is sent to New Eden, where she will hopefully be safe. But even before Vicky Peterwald - hot over the death of her brother while his ship was fighting Kris's - shows up, there are numerous attempts to take Kris's life. Now she has to uncover the secret reason Grandpa Ray actually sent her to New Eden before someone succeeds in killing her.

    22. This time Kris is sent to New Eden, the oldest human colony planet in space, to buy office equipments, but she very soon realise that her Grand Father and King of the one of human federations had something else to planed to her when he sent her on the mission. And so Kris tumbless on middle of conspiracy to change goverment of the New Eden.This book is full of action, conspiracy and tech.

    23. Great book next line to a great overall series. In this book you finally start to get answers about characters that have been around for a while and its a book that is on mostly ground and is not in space this time. You also get to see a awesome battle scene with the marines this time and they are a great addition.

    24. I really liked finding out more about our mysterious maid Abby in this book. But the battle left me more sad than the other battles in space. I kind of liked that Kris also got "her marines" through her adventure in this book! Is this going to be like Princess's own? I hope they have better luck than the marines in the March series!

    25. Plenty of excitement in the climactic battle, but plenty to wade through in order to make it there. I also noticed a bunch of apostrophe errors and typos - guess the editor was asleep this time out. It was ok, not great. I'll keep reading, since it sounds like the series is taking a turn for the more adventurous.

    26. Once again we find our heroine Kris Longknife and her trusty sidekicks find themselves assigned to the back of no where, fighting unknown enemies, with little support. The exiting characters gained more depth and the new characters were brilliantly developed. This was a great good vs evil story that I couldn't put down. Mike Shepherd's writing stile carried me away.

    27. I like the Kris Longknife books because the author doesn't attempt (too much) to make this into a grander soap opera of a story. Each book is Kris finding herself in a difficult/save the world or people she's with situation and against incredible odds, she manages to do just that. Fun stuff.

    28. With this book the series to a turn for the worse again. The entire book is planet bound and full of political intrigue and vendettas. The only thing saving it is that it's still fairly well written and sometimes funny to read. Actually, it's not really bad as a book, it's just not my cup of tea.

    29. Disappointing, but not unexpectedly so. A fast-paced, plot-driven series, except there wasn't quite enough plot in this installment to cover for the fact that the characters tend to be rather flat and interchangeable.

    30. Dirty businessPlanet just asking for a blow up gets it, new Peterwald helping to screw things up just enough that Kris manages to somewhat save the day. Still a very big and bloody butcher's bill left in the aftermath.

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