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Mele bianche

Mele bianche Vincent Ettrich ha poco tempo morto ma stato riportato in vita per salvare suo figlio dalle forze del caos che vogliono evitare che nasca Perch il figlio di Vincent ancora solamente un feto destinat

  • Title: Mele bianche
  • Author: Jonathan Carroll Lucia Olivieri
  • ISBN: 9788881124565
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vincent Ettrich ha poco tempo morto ma stato riportato in vita per salvare suo figlio dalle forze del caos che vogliono evitare che nasca Perch il figlio di Vincent, ancora solamente un feto, destinato a essere il salvatore dell universo.Vi sembra strano Be , questo solo l inizio benvenuti in uno dei pi affascinanti e originali romanzi degli ultimi anni, doveVincent Ettrich ha poco tempo morto ma stato riportato in vita per salvare suo figlio dalle forze del caos che vogliono evitare che nasca Perch il figlio di Vincent, ancora solamente un feto, destinato a essere il salvatore dell universo.Vi sembra strano Be , questo solo l inizio benvenuti in uno dei pi affascinanti e originali romanzi degli ultimi anni, dove Dio un mosaico, Caos un tipaccio grasso che va in giro in smoking e la Morte una lezione di vita da cui apprendere cruciali informazioni su se stessi e sul mondo, un mondo popolato da personaggi che toccano dritto al cuore Vincent Ettrich un simpatico dongiovanni che ha pochi giorni a disposizione per ricordarsi la lezione imparata nell aldil e tramandarla al figlio perch venga mantenuto l ordine nell universo Isabelle Neukor il grande a di Vincent, che porta in grembo il Predestinato col quale ha imparato a comunicare nei modi pi imprevedibili, e Coco il bellissimo angelo che deve guidare Vincent in questa missione ma che finir suo malgrado per innamorarsi di lui.

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      472 Jonathan Carroll Lucia Olivieri
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    1. This review might not even be appropriate for as there are perhaps (my opinion) brighter, less "conservative" readers here, but I'm basically a lazy person, and as I wrote this review for in response to all the bad reviews of Jonathan Carroll there, I'm just transferring it to here.I think most people either love Jonathan Carroll or hate him, not much in between. I loved White Apples. Unless you're used to Jonathan Carroll's style, you might, indeed, find this book terrible as some have said. [...]

    2. My eyes are too old for the teeny tiny print in my edition of this book. I just can't keep struggling with it, and I won't rate it since I managed only a few pages. Just enough to know that it is an interesting story, and I would love to see what happens.

    3. Another book that Neil Gaiman--my favorite author--loved, and that I hated. I really thought this one was going to work for me, too, as it has two of my favorite Dumb Plot Devices: Amnesia! Coming Back From the Dead! Carroll treats both of these premises in unusual ways, but nevertheless I found the narrative scattershot and incredibly unengaging. I think this may have been because Carroll changes the rules constantly, simply throwing in new fantasy elements when he needs them; I felt discombobu [...]

    4. (possible spoilers)I'm a Jonathan Carroll fan. I am. But the more I read him the more his writing style annoys me. I'm not sure if annoy is the right word, since I still read and enjoy his books. But he likes to tell the reader things. Show don't tell, yes, the old writing adage that everyone (or every writer, anyway) knows and while I think you can certainly be a good writer when you tell your story rather than show (Garcia Marquez, Borges, most Latin American writers when you think about it) C [...]

    5. WHITE APPLES is one of my favorite Carroll novels; the sequel is GLASS SOUP, and both contain my favorite characters, Vincent and Isabelle. From his website:"Vincent Ettrich is in a tight spot. He has died and been brought back to life to help save his unborn son from evil and chaotic forces who want to prevent this son from becoming the savior of the universe. Sound bizarre? Welcome to the surreal and metaphysically massive novel WHITE APPLES by Jonathan Carroll.In Carroll's world, humans are k [...]

    6. I was just talking to a friend about how I don't often post negative reviews but this one? I just have to vent. This was first posted here:librarianpirate.tumblr/posSo in one of the first scenes, before the main character, Vincent, knows anything weird is going on, he runs into a friend, Bruno, at a restaurant. While he’s talking to his friend, he gets a phone call from his ex-wife. He excuses himself to take it and his ex-wife tells him that Bruno’s wife just called her to share the news th [...]

    7. Jonathan Carroll has done another turn at Magic Realism here, and turned it pretty well. Here is a story of someone sent back from death to the living, to accomplish a mission they do not understand on behalf of someone who has not even been born yet.It's the sort of thing Neil Gaiman would write (indeed the book is dedicated to Neil Gaiman) and Carroll does almost as good a job as Gaiman would, but not quite.The fact that the protagonist does not have a full understanding of what he is supposed [...]

    8. Vincent Ettrich has just discovered that he's been resurrected. The worst part? He has no idea how he died. And now his mistress is telling him that she's carrying his child. Thus, White Apples begins. Throw in the fate of Order versus Chaos and you have this Jonathan Carroll novel.This follows up on The Wooden Sea, though not in a directly obvious way. The themes that it carries are similar - chaos versus order, the way that the past changes who we are without us being able to change the past. [...]

    9. What if you know you have died, but death is extremely similar as the world we live in now? Things are just slightly off, funny looking people, talking animals, etc. That is chapter 1 of White Apples. What if your love tries to save you from death like Orpheus tried with Eurydice? That is the rest of the novel. Magical-realism at it's finest. Filled with some of the most interesting philosophies i've ever heard on life and death. An Unbelievable read by my favorite author.

    10. L'amore è caos ma non soltanto. È vero che si perde il controllo, ma soltanto il proprio. Perché quando c'è l'amore vero, non sei più solo. Si è in due e insieme si crea qualcosa di nuovo, e alla fine è quello che ti salva.

    11. White Apples is the beginning of a new trilogy from Carroll, and with new beginnings he's decided to modify his modus operandi from previous novels. To start with, gone is the first-person, unreliable male narrator; in its place is a third-person omniscient voice that is both strangly familiar and disconcerting. I hesitate to call it Carroll's true voice, because he's shown in previous novels that he can take on differing personas convincingly, and the voice is still filtered here through the im [...]

    12. WARNING: THIS BOOK DEPICTS A SCENE OF BABY ELEPHANT DEATH.Seriously, a warning probably wouldn't have stopped me from reading it, but once the victim appeared on screen, I would've known to unfocus my eyes in time to avoid that.As someone whose favorite books/authors are my favorite books, I think very hard before recommending those books. Because if someone ends up hating the book, and it is one of my favorite books, what does that say about me, the friend, or our compatibility?I may overthink [...]

    13. A Carroll book that did not work for me at all. I stopped caring in a big way, and couldn't even finish WHITE APPLES.

    14. The story was intriguing, the prose poetic and imaginative but the omniscient point-of-view was upsetting, the constant POV switching, sometimes from one paragraph to the next, felt like being on a rollercoaster and made me mildly nauseous.The ideas were interesting, they didn't always work for me, but they were never boring. Sometimes the writing made me catch my breath it was so magical, but too often Carroll over-thinks; too much description, too much labouring of the point rubs away the spar [...]

    15. This was my first Jonathan Carroll novel, but I can confidently say that it won't be my last.Vincent Ettrich is a serial womaniser, advertising executive and also recently dead. Except now he's not. He's been brought back by the love of his life for the sake of their unborn son. A son he knew nothing about. But he can't remember being dead, or why or how he's been brought back. And there are forces at work who want to keep him from ever raising that child.The scope of imagination on display here [...]

    16. I really wanted to like this book. Neil Gaiman gave it a rave review, as did many others. But I gave up in disgust about 2/3 of the way through. The protagonist is, we're told, a wildly successful advertising executive who is also a world-class painter in his spare time. All women fall instantly in love with him on sight. He has never let a woman feel used, we're told, but his idea of chivalry seems to be to offer to pay for the cab after one of his numerous one-night stands. We're also told he' [...]

    17. I was talking about this book with a friend, and he decided to google it to figure out what else the author had written. While looking over his shoulder, I noticed that one of the search results was from Urban Dictionary that said that "White Apples" is a slang term for the drug Ecstasy, aka MDMA, aka Molly.That fits in well with this book since the whole thing has a very "inspired by a drug trip" feel to it. I've been referring to it as "my Molly book" in conversation ever since.I really don't [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book, and I'm interested to read more by this author, but the book ultimately left me a little disappointed. The book traces the tale of Vincent Ettrich, who has been ressurected to teach his unborn son unspecified but Very Important Lessons to help the son save the world. The writing was quirky and the characters fun -- it reminded me a bit of Jasper Fforde, Christopher Moore, or Neil Gaimon. But the outlines of the book's universe and the rules of the game never became totally c [...]

    19. To remember: "The past is fixed, it's permanentIt's dead, but it keeps coming back and stops us from moving forward. It gets in the way of our presentd our futureDon't let your past scare you out of doing anything now."

    20. I have loved this book for well over a decade, and called it my all-time favorite for about that long. There was an odd feeling the first time I read it, as if this book was specifically written for my friends and me to share. I own multiple copies, and there are notes in the margins of them all -- some in my handwriting, some in Tina's, Howard's, Greg's, or even Tryn's. The phrases we underlined have stuck with me, even when the story feels like a dream I can't quite grasp after waking up. I th [...]

    21. I started out thinking that this might be a book I wouldn’t like and perhaps might not even finish. I’m not a fan of sci fi or mystical or whatever category this book fits into. To my great surprise, however, I was drawn in and didn’t want to put it down.I was pulled in by the beautifully drawn characters even while finding myself sometimes confused. Their stories and back stories are written beautifully and colored in with great emotion. I found that if I didn’t force myself to complete [...]

    22. (Dug review out of the depths of LiveJournal.)Weird and weird and weird and sometimes beautiful. A few too many things left unexplained for my taste - why the gear stick knob? - but not anything to keep me from finding more written by Mr Carroll.

    23. 3 StarsI discovered this author while doing my usual stalking. And he fit my current criteria for a favorable reading experience: magic realism, adult (adult meaning not YA, not adult meaning porn), his books can be found at my local library, and the themes of the book deal with something bigger in scope than "how can I get that cute vampire to like me back."For me, reading is a very intimate experience. There aren't too many other types of artists/ entertainers who can get into your head like [...]

    24. What would it be like to wake up dead, anyway? My kids asked that question just the other day, but unlike Jonathan Carroll, I had no ready answer for them. That's what has happened to reformed womanizer Vincent Ettrich, though, in the first few pages of White Apples he's dead—no heartbeat, no pulse—but otherwise his life seems to have gone on pretty much as usual.This isn't as much of a paradox as it may seem, though it is a fundamental mystery, both to Vincent and to Isabelle Neukor, the lo [...]

    25. La storia ruota attorno a una dimensione ultraterrena che, da quel che ho capito, è una costante nei libri di Carroll. Mi lascia perplessa la caratterizzazione che lo scrittore dà alla sua metafisica, perché è tutto un po’ cristiano: si parla di Purgatorio, ci sono degli angeli custodi, un antagonista che sembra un diavolo scappato da qualche inferno Ci sono la vita, la morte, e c’è Dio, col suo disegno. Carroll trova le sue metafore, ma l’effetto che hanno fatto a me è simile a quel [...]

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