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The Irish Duke

The Irish Duke A sweeping historical romance from the New York Times bestselling author of The Decadent Duke Lady Louisa scoffed when Lord Abercorn of Ireland first asked for her hand She will be the mistress of her

  • Title: The Irish Duke
  • Author: Virginia Henley
  • ISBN: 9781101185834
  • Page: 107
  • Format: ebook
  • A sweeping historical romance from the New York Times bestselling author of The Decadent Duke Lady Louisa scoffed when Lord Abercorn of Ireland first asked for her hand She will be the mistress of her own destiny and no man can change that As the greatest young beauty in all of England, she is pursued by every titled bachelor in the land, and refuses everyone, includinA sweeping historical romance from the New York Times bestselling author of The Decadent Duke Lady Louisa scoffed when Lord Abercorn of Ireland first asked for her hand She will be the mistress of her own destiny and no man can change that As the greatest young beauty in all of England, she is pursued by every titled bachelor in the land, and refuses everyone, including the Irish lord But a family scandal soon throws Louisa reluctantly into his arms, bringing consequences she never expected.

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    1 thought on “The Irish Duke

    1. What I love about Virginia Henley is the seamless way in which she embeds her characters into real life history. The Irish Duke is set mainly in the Georgian era with glimpses into the lives of all those decadent dukes and duchesses :)James Hamilton proposes to Louisa at the age of 9, and he never changes his mind about wanting to marry her. This is one of the constants throughout this book that was really refreshing ~ no matter what she says about him, no matter what she does, even when he is f [...]

    2. Delightful Late Regency/Victorian RomanceEver since James Hamilton, the Irish Marquis of Abercorn was 9 and Lady Louisa, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, was 7, James has wanted to marry her. She turned him down then (1819), and now that she is 19 and on the marriage block (1830), nothing has changed. Lady Louisa dreams of a life as a dancer, a life she can never have as a duke’s daughter, but in no event does she want to wed. Still, her beauty and her virtue attract all the to [...]

    3. Another wonderful Virginia Henley romance! THE IRISH DUKE is a fast-paced, adventurous, battle-of-the-sexes romance! The heroine, although capable of being a thoroughly stubborn twit, provides enough fire to keep the romance burning chapter after chapter. The hero isn't just your typically rugged, handsome, wealthy, regency male, but a devoutly, determined and faithful pursuer of one woman. It is his faith and constancy that really stands out and makes him so utterly lovable. The many battles be [...]

    4. Took me 2 weeks to get through HALF of this book. She's known for her fierce, bawdy, strong heroines. Not here though, unfortunately.I have no idea why she decided to create a heroine so unlike her other books. In this story, the heroine is a spoiled, whiny, stupidly naive, prude who will drive you crazy from boredom. Moreover, the hero makes it all the worst by having no passion what so ever Combine these 2 elements and you get a very dull romanceI'm a bit of a romantic, I truly believe in love [...]

    5. This is my first Virginia Henly book I have read. Wonderful romantic novel, quick enjoyable read about an English Dukes daughter whom is strong willed and full of life. I absolutely love her will of who she wants to become, which does not follow the marriage laws of the 1800's of betrothal. I love her devotion to her family. I love the chase that Lord Abercorn has to go through to even get Lady Louisa's attention. What a great romantic read! Looking forward to reading " The Decadent Duke" read s [...]

    6. REALLY lame. This is everything that is WRONG with the romance genre. THIS is why I'm embarrassed to admit that I like romance novels. Why is this book so popular? Why are there five other holds on it at the library? Who ARE these people that think this is good reading?One of the more egregious words found in this book: "titties." Used TWICE. And it was not tongue-in-cheek, or "colorful" dialogue Does anyone over 12 REALLY use that word seriously?

    7. Fire and passion that warms the heart. This story made my heart smile and I only hope that when I am well into my dotage that I can reminisce of such sweet memories with my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    8. Very hard to follow with all the names in the book. felt like it was very slow moving. I was so caught up in trying to remember how the characters were related that It was hard to follow.

    9. Enjoyed it. Virginia Henley is a favorite of mine. I just wanted to say that I'm a woman and I even got blue balls waiting for Louisa to let James consummate their marriage. Dang

    10. This follows The Decadent Duke; it’s the story of Georgiana’s daughter Louisa. The drama (?) here is that , at 3 years old “Lady Lu” witnessed her mother’s miscarriage, and it gave her a horror of marriage and children. Which is just too bad, because when he met her at age 9 (she was 7), James Hamilton (eventually to become the titular Irish Duke), proposes marriage…Years later, the answer still hasn't changed.Meanwhile, Lu’s sister Georgiana (yeah, another "George" name) is the to [...]

    11. I was relatively impressed with The Irish Duke. It had its own twists and turns different from a lot of other generic historical romances. My favorite part was actually when Lu allowed her mother, and then James to believe it was her that had a miscarriage and not her selfish sister Georgy. Obviously I didn't like Georgy much. She was incredibly selfish, rude, and quite the whore. I was a little surprised at how much of a tart she was considering the year. Lu was kind of like that too even thoug [...]

    12. I wanted to champion Lady Lou, hoping throughout the book that she would grow more outward courage, but towards the end of the book I just wanted to smack her across the head. Her character was both endearing and infuriatingly immature. The one good thing is that the characters in the book are based on actual historical figures who are related to the Princes William and Harry, and they were interesting enough for me to do some digging through archived records. I chanced upon this as an audiobook [...]

    13. I don't read romance novels, but needed an audiobook when I saw this. Set in the early Victorian era, this is the story of Louisa Russell, second eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, and James Hamilton, heir to the Abercorn dynasty in Ireland. When scandal occurs in her family, Louisa is rushed into marriage with the Duke of Abercorn who had actually proposed to her when she was only seven years old. It was easy to guess that all obstacles would be overcome and that Louisa and Jam [...]

    14. Damn, I love it when VH tells the story of real historical women. Love! She writes it rich, lush, sensual and fascinating. Real historical characters, relationships, monarchs, Parliament bills and votes, and not to forget, real historical gossip. Full of win!Yes, it took me two weeks to read the book, but I blame Georgie. I was sure her promiscuity was going to ruin it for Lu, and the apprehension spoiled my pleasure. I'm sure I'll enjoy the book a lot more (and up the grade) when I reread.Also, [...]

    15. The follow up to The Decadent Duke, this time the story is around Georgina's daughter, Louisa Russell and her adventures in getting married to James Hamilton, the duke in question. I wanted to like this one, but by the end, I felt very let down, despite knowing that this was historical romance, and that I shouldn't get my hopes up too high for the content. Oh well. I have no idea if there is going to be a third one in this series. For the complete review, please go here:epinions/review/Book_T

    16. I wanted to like this book but this book frustrated me beyond belief. Once Lady Lou married James, she stopped dancing/singing even though James had always encouraged her. What happened to Georgie, her stupid sister? Why did James only start liking Lou once he read her diary and found out she wasn't the one who had the miscarriage? I wanted to punch both James and Lou a couple of times in the face. But other times, I wanted to hug them both.

    17. Sedate and historically accurate--not as erotic as I recall from Henley's other works. Lots of "telling" in the beginning but finally gets going, which is forgiveable with an established author in this genre. Not many readers like the supporting character Georgy but frankly this book would be soon forgotten without her fabulous, suggestive dialogue.

    18. buku VH pertama yg ga menarik hatiku pdhl ini lanjutan cerita ttg anak2 georgiana & john rusell but so far this book hhhhhhhh hanya menjadi teman tidurku selama 4 hari ini tanpa aq berniat melanjutkan.

    19. Boring. Where was the steamy sex that VH is known for?The plot was good and intriguing , but NO SEXere was tame sex but still, I love VH's steamy love scenes, like in A Year and a Day. This book could have been so much more had there been more chemistry between the characters.

    20. Classic bodice ripper to the extreme! There was scandal,intruige, deception and my favorite line from the book,"Her teasing fingers tightened around his rigid cock"You can't get that kind of bawdy smut just anywhere!

    21. Better than her last books as it was the Georgian Era. However, heroine was a little too prudish and annoying. Her sister seemed a little too free for the era and knowledgeable of certain things for a 17 year old. The mother was a little dizzy and distracted not to notice the "scandal"!

    22. This book was disappointing. Once I see a typo, I am disappointed that I spent so much money on a book. It was the last sentence of a chapter ey had He instead of She and of course that didn't make sensewhere were the proofreaders or copy editors on this book?

    23. Its so simple The story didnt have any special climax since I can guess how the story progressed but overall the writing were quite great, cant wait to read the other books on Virginia Henley Coming soon I guess ^___^

    24. Oddly laid out book, what with jumping a bit from time to time, but I enjoyed it. There WERE points in time I wanted to smack the main character, but overall I enjoyed the read.

    25. A fun read. Haven't read a book in this genre for years. Historical fiction based on real life characters.

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