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Child Star

Child Star Child Star An Autobiography Shirley Temple Black First Edition Paperback

  • Title: Child Star
  • Author: Shirley Temple Black
  • ISBN: 9780446357920
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Child Star An Autobiography Shirley Temple Black First Edition Paperback

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    1. My eagerness to stand on my own feet must have stemmed from learning so early to dance on them.(Shirley Temple Black, Child Star, p.48)The life story of Shirley Jane Temple from her birth to the birth of her second child (and a touch beyond for framing purposes) is presented to us with a dry humour not unlike the narrator in A Christmas Story. There’s been a great deal of research involved and we get a panoramic view of all the events of the time whether little Shirley let them affect her or n [...]

    2. True to being a child prodigy, Shirley Temple Black's memory is remarkable. In her autobiography, Temple Black vividly captures her remarkable childhood and noteworthy encounters with anyone who was anyone during the 1940s. Once, Temple shot a sling shot at Eleanor Roosevelt's behind. Actors with genuine friendliness and actors afraid of being upstaged by a child all surrounded Shirley. Despite being the most famous child star of all time, Temple had "normal" childhood experiences too. When most [...]

    3. That plucky little Shirley! She's the very personification of pluck. And, oh, but she plucked at my heart strings here, too. I'm ashamed of myself for not even SUSPECTING how entertaining this was going to be - but it was. I wanted to be the Depression era's darling as well. What a jolly life. I was moved by the simple secret of her success: she just made people happy. And SHE was happy! That's what so especially delightful about this autobiog. She had a whale of a time. Alright, there was that [...]

    4. Fascinating. As a fan of Shirley Temple, I was easily taken into a lost era of Hollywood and able to observe a life of one of the first child stars ever. A remarkable woman who stayed strong and is a role model to this day for common sense, decency and priorities in spite of circumstances.

    5. I enjoyed learning more about the actress and icon, Shirley Temple. Like many of her fans, I was immediately captivated by her quick laugh and cute dimples. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her face to face. I pray she accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. If that were the case, I look forward to meeting her in Heaven.Note: This book contains minor language.

    6. Of all the children to grace the silver screen, perhaps no one deserves the title of "Child Star" more than Shirley Temple. In her aptly named memoir, Shirley Temple Black reflects on a childhood that was spent in front of the cameras. At a young age, she enjoyed a greater level of fame, popularity and success than many of her peers in the business. Her success at the box office helped a floundering Fox Film Corporation rise out of debt and near-bankruptcy and created a career that allowed her t [...]

    7. I've read A LOT of biographies & memoirs set during the golden era of Hollywood so I thought this was a very interesting book. I enjoyed all the anecdotes about various celebrities. I had read a bio of Lionel Barrymore so I had heard that story from his perspective. I liked getting her side of the story. She meet just about anyone who was anyone! And shooting Eleanor Roosevelt on the butt with her slingshot was pretty funny.I still can't get over what a talented dancer she was at such an ear [...]

    8. This book has issues but I still liked it. Firstly I love when she shares the juicy tidbits of personal info on fellow actresses or actors. However the down side is her writing is very scattered and paragraphs jump from topics so extremely different it takes you awhile to figure out what she is talking about. The other issue is she gives code names during certain topics to avoid giving out certain celebrities names. The issue is she doesn't say " the boy, lets call him Lancelot, tried to kiss me [...]

    9. I loved this book! Shirley Temple Black has a wry sense of humor that shines through, page after page. Her memory (her record keeping, or both) are exquisite as she offers an often unflinching look back at her past. She is straight-forward and even blunt about the way things were. There is a no-nonsense quality about her and the way she tells her story. With every page turned, I felt that this is a wonderfully fascinating lady whom I would love the chance to meet!

    10. In 500 pages, Shirley Temple Black really could only get as far as her young womanhood; her life was and is just that full. The never-ending attempts of the studio to keep her as a little girl, her growing pains and her disastrous first marriage are all detailed here in an engaging style. Even if you're not a fan of her films, it is worth the time to read about her life.

    11. The behind the scenes stories of actors and actresses are never as glamorous as you think they will be, especially in the case of child stars.

    12. First I'm going to do my review and then below it will be some book spoiler about why I no longer see Shirley Temple in the same light as before. When writing a book about one's self I'm sure it is not easy to keep all you memories/ train of thought all together as she herself even stated in her book but this book is a hot mess. Half the time she is going on and on and you have no idea what the heck she is even talking about because she just jumps. Also as a big star I get that you meet a lot of [...]

    13. entertaining book, full of detail. it's amazing how much shirley remembered! there's a few hiccups here and there, but most of all she's right on the money, memory wise. i wish she could have done a "my life in pictures," although you can tell she's qu0ting from the many magazine articles that were about her back in the dayirley is quite stoic about some of the things that happened to her (especially when she left twentieth century fox.) it's wonderful learning about her strong self, and forgivi [...]

    14. At over 500 pages in length, it was still too short for me. This autobiography was no doubt intended to "set the record straight" after numerous biographies of her childhood were written containing what she considered untruths and perpetuated rumors. Although accounting the entirety of her first career as she remembers it in surprising detail, the narrative ends shortly after her second marriage and the birth of her children. I wish she'd written an additional book about her second career as a " [...]

    15. unbeknownst to me, this book only takes the reader up to the 1950s and not into Temple-Black's political world, working for the Nixon and Ford administrations. Several good stories and at times interesting, overall the book drags with mundane details. Shock withstanding, it's no surprise to read how Hollywood execs haven't changed, with rape and sexual misconduct being at the forefront of Temple's problematic late 1940s career. I was impressed with her candour and grace, never straying from her [...]

    16. This two star rating is a tough one for me. I was one of those kids glued to the television every Sunday morning for the weekly Shirley Temple movie rerun. And it's here where I have to separate Shirley Temple the star from her autobiography. There are some great gems in this book — and wow ones. However, the book is scattered. It wanders both in its prose and subject matter, and often gets caught up on some inconsequential event for pages at a time. Shirley Temple had an amazingly rich and in [...]

    17. This is more like a 3.5- I really enjoyed reading her stories of her early acting days! What bogged down the story was a lot of financial talk- some interesting, some I skimmed. The first 3/4 of the book were the most interesting, as it covers her life and acting up to age 12. After that her acting was sporadic and she was more focused on school, dating, and eventually married life. There were definitely good stories in the last fourth, too, but it didn’t hold my attention as easily. I will al [...]

    18. Other people could have written a much more bitter book if all of these things had happened to them, but not Shirley Temple. Her strength of character shines through. No wonder she helped America get through the Depression.

    19. As a child, I used to love watching Shirley Temple's movies and I was drawn to reading her autobiography, Child Star. This was one of the best Hollywood autobiographies I have ever read because of the way Shirley gave a complete overview of her life. For each movie she starred in, she explained the picture's premise, set dynamics with directors, studio politics, her acting techniques, and approach to the role. By the end of this, I felt that I really got to know this fascinating Child Star. At b [...]

    20. Like a classic 1930's Shirley Temple film, Child Star is a joy to experience. Although the size of the hardcover may appear daunting at first, Ms. Black lived a life that's more than worthy of the page count. Her personality shines through in every line: vivacious with an indomitable spunkiness, much like the many onscreen characters of her youth. Written with a strong contextual emphasis, the reader is taken not only through Ms. Black's career in the film industry (ending shortly after her stin [...]

    21. Shirley Temple is the quintessential “cute-child” of Hollywood. In dozens of films of the thirties and forties, she played adorable match-makers, beloved crank-reformers, darling daughters, and plucky orphans. To some cynical naysayers, she is unbearably saccharine. Sentimental sorts find her a heartwarming dear. I usually find her movies soothing. Everything always turns out all right in the end with all problems being solved by a marriage or an adoption. Child Star chronologically covers [...]

    22. I can't help but love Shirley Temple. She was a cute and talented actress for nineteen years, but I respect her off stage too. Although she was immature in the start of her first marriage, she was faithful to him from the wedding and the four years of marriage. He, on the other hand always had some girl on his shoulder to boost his confidence at being Shirley Temple's wife. She really tried to make it work, but whatever it was, drinking or lack of brains, he never seemed to try, including really [...]

    23. Very interesting book. Ms Black recalls her Hollywood childhood ("Sparkle, Shirley!") which is happy yet bittersweet in some instances. The book continues into her adult life--her marriages and her career as an U.S. Ambassador.

    24. OMG, I would not recommend this book! First off, little Shirley started in show business at 3 years old. Throughout the book she recollects her time on movie sets but the book also includes details like how much the studio made that year, how much each picture earned, the name of every person she met, who sued her for what, etc. Stuff no child would ever know. She even occassionally says "I didn't know at the time" It's half an autobiography of her memories and half a researched biography full o [...]

    25. OMG I only made it to 383 and that was really pushing myself to read it and/or skimming a lot. The interesting bits were hard to find and were amongst so much information that I really didn't care about. I have more important things to read besides that! I thought reading about her life through her perspective would be interesting because I grew up watching her movies. My mom loved them so that is how I was introduced to her. But seriously I understand to give a sort of feeling as to what the wo [...]

    26. I first came across this book when I was around 10 (I watched a lot of Shirley Temple's movies as a kid, and I also at least attempted to read pretty much anything I could get my hands on), but didn't get very far reading it then. After two more checkouts from the library and nearly two decades, I'm finally done. It was a fairly interesting read, though it's also very disjointed and more concerned with financial minutiae (about the studios, rather than Black's own family) than I would have expec [...]

    27. Shirley Temple was an amazingly gifted child actor who worked hard to share her cheerful spirit.I had been hoping to read about Shirley Temple Black's experiences as an ambassador and how she felt in her later life, but I was mistaken -- the book focus is only on her very public early life through young adulthood when she decided to retire from acting. ( Who could blame her for wanting to fade from the spotlight into a life with more normal privacy?) She reveals much about life in the nineteen t [...]

    28. I was in love with Shirley Temple and watched her every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. on our B&W t.v. Christmas 1959 when I was 6 years old, my mom purchased a red headed Shirley Temple 18" doll from The Emporium in downtown S.F CA. Shirley Temple Black made two west coast appearances when this version of the doll was released and one was to The Emporium in SF, Christmas time 1959 and another showing in L.A. I loved this doll to death and watched every Shirley Temple show I could possibly fi [...]

    29. I grew up on Shirley Temple and so when I heard about child star i ordered it from as soon as I could. It was a long book and took a very long time to finish but that is because I was sidetracked by other things . I really enjoyed this book. It was very obvious how much she loved to act and work and keep busy in general . It was really interesting to hear all of the stories she told about all the people she met and the relationships she had with them people that you and I would only dream of me [...]

    30. I adored Shirley Temple when I was younger, and my grandmother bought me all her movies produced by Fox. In her autobiography, Temple acquaints the reader with the Shirley audiences didn't see in her apple pie movies. For example, as a young child, she yearned for dark roles. I was surprised to learn that, even though Shirley earned more then three million dollars in the 1930s and 40s, she only had $80,000 to show for it upon reaching adulthood, because her father had spent almost all of it and [...]

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