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The Cruel Ever After

The Cruel Ever After The shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when Chester Garrity her ex husband returns to a city that he swore he d never see again is nothing compared to Chester s own After the

  • Title: The Cruel Ever After
  • Author: Ellen Hart
  • ISBN: 9780312614768
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when Chester Garrity, her ex husband, returns to a city that he swore he d never see again is nothing compared to Chester s own After their divorce many years ago, he took off with his inheritance to travel the world, leaving Jane with enough seed money to open her first restaurant, which worked out well for JThe shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when Chester Garrity, her ex husband, returns to a city that he swore he d never see again is nothing compared to Chester s own After their divorce many years ago, he took off with his inheritance to travel the world, leaving Jane with enough seed money to open her first restaurant, which worked out well for Jane but less so for Chester.Now he s back and penniless, or as he would prefer to say, between fortunes He s working an angle to make his next one by selling a priceless artifact recently looted from the Baghdad Museum, but it all falls through when he wakes up next to the dead body of his buyer with no memory of what happened the night before Panicked, Chester flees the scene, eventually returning to cover his tracks only to find that someone has already taken care of that for him, but at what price

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      467 Ellen Hart
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    1 thought on “The Cruel Ever After

    1. This bookwhat can I say? The more I read, the more I wanted to read and it just kept throwing things at me that I DID NOT expect. I am now going to have to look for the previous 17 books. Jane Lawless is amazing. In the end, I felt sorry for her husband, Chess ( a whole story in itself! considering they are both gay ) and his friend, Irina.

    2. This, Hart’s nineteenth Jane Lawless mystery, is probably the darkest and most shocking of the series. Difficult to read it is chock full of, painful, difficult relationships and actions. The extensive cast of characters, many of whom fans will have met before, are almost all revealed to have seriously dangerous dark sides. And even when those troublesome and even illegal dimensions of their characters are revealed and confronted by other individuals in the book, they persist in their ways, wa [...]

    3. I'll admit that I didn't realize this was book 18 when I started it. I knew it wasn't the first but yeah, that might not have been a good choice. I was a little lost when it came to the characters and had some trouble connecting with them emotionally.I liked the second half of the book better than the first. The first half felt a little clunky and slow. It dragged, for me, even as I was supposed to be getting embroiled in this mystery.Then the second half was bam!bam!bam! with action and more pe [...]

    4. I picked up this book thinking it was a cozy, but found out it is called “gay mystery genre” and what I call after reading is a well-written mystery heavy on the character development and interpersonal relationships. Based on the writing style and the content of the book, it looks like the author is knowledgeable about the subjects relating to the story she wrote (countries, cultures, antiques, world events, etc.), and she is an excellent judge of the human condition and the complexities of [...]

    5. The Cruel Ever After, by Ellen Hart, b-plus, Narrated by Aimee Jolson, Produced by Audible Inc. and downloaded from audible.The shock that Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is in for when Chester Garrity, her ex-husband, returns to a city that he swore he'd never see againis nothing compared to Chester's own. After their divorce many years ago, he took off with his inheritance to travel the world, leaving Jane with enoughseed money to open her first restaurant, which worked out well for Jane [...]

    6. The Cruel Ever AfterBy: Ellen HartCopyright December 2010Publisher Minotaur BooksJane Lawless, Minneapolis restaurateur has been in a bit of a slump lately. She is just a few degrees off of normal, what with her love life almost nonexistent, and staying on top of two restaurants while still planning her father’s birthday party. It’s no wonder she’s ready to jump out of her skin when her ex husband Chester Garrity shows up at her restaurant looking for help.Chester is someone who would qual [...]

    7. It has been a few years since I checked in to see what was new with Jane Lawless, Ellen Hart’s detective, and there are six new books since I last picked one up! What a treat for the beginning of summer! The Cruel Ever After (opposite of “happily ever after”) brings Chess Garrity, Jane’s ex-husband, into the picture. Many years ago, she married him to help him gain an inheritance; although both Jane and Chess are gay, his father’s will did not allow him to inherit unless married to a w [...]

    8. I think that Ellen Hart should be on the bestsellers lists. Her books are always enjoyable, funny, well plotted and have some of the best characters that you will want to come to back again and again. Her last book, Sweet Poison, was wonderful, one of the better mysteries last year. It is one of those books that reaches out a hand to me and speaks to me and me alone.Jane Lawless is the owner of a restaurant and a night club in Minneapolis accompained by a diva best freind and a, to-say-the-least [...]

    9. This was my first book by Ellen Hart, and now I'm wondering what I've been missing. I requested this book from the library, apparently because I'd heard good things about it somewhere else. I do that sometimes, without really knowing anything about the book. Sometimes I'm disappointed in what I get, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the book was well written and the characters interesting and fully formed. As someone pointed out in another review, Jane Lawless and some of the s [...]

    10. I have not read any of the prior books in the series. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. In the past, I have accidentally started a series in the middle and immediately felt like I was missing vital information and, as a result, I found the story line difficult to follow. I did not have that experience when reading this story. Yes there was some obvious relationships that I was missing background on, but this book was written in such a way that the lack of the prior information did not [...]

    11. Near broke, Chester Garrity returns to the one place he swore he would never go: Minneapolis. Chester is planning on making his fortune back by selling a priceless artifact that was recently stolen from the Bagdhad Museum. Unfortunately the sale falls through when Chester wakes up the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before, and his mark dead beside him. Chester runs from the area, but returns to try to clean up the mess he made. However he comes back to a tidy home a [...]

    12. I like this series by local mystery writer Ellen Hart, but this wasn't one of the strongest ones, I don't think. Jane's ex- but not ex husband shows up. Art theft, etc. Kidnapping of Sigrid and Peter's deaf daughter. I don't remember lots about them or the situation that caused the rift between Peter and Jane, so that was hard.Julia, her psycho ex-girlfriend, is weaseling her way back in to Jane's life, and Jane is oblivious. Jane seemed a little too oblivious to me in general in this book. I li [...]

    13. I normally like the Jane Lawless books, but this one spent way too much time away from Jane and her friends. Instead, more than half was about other characters I could care less about.We find out that years ago, Jane married a gay man so he could get his inheritance. Out of that deal, she got enough money to start her business. She was supposed to get a quicky divorce, but finds out now that the divorce was phony and she's still married to the man. Turns out he's not only not gay, but also a cro [...]

    14. I have read the whole series of Jane Lawless books by Ellen Hart, so I like keeping up with Jane's life, friends, family and adventures. Therefore, I enjoyed this book also. Jane's ex-husband shows up. Jane's what? Also, a former lover wants her back. Cordelia is Cordelia. And what is going on with Jane's brother's family? I like the Minneapolis setting, along with the restaurants and theater. There are stolen Iraqi artifact and people are getting killed over them. It is an entertaining mystery. [...]

    15. I like Ellen Hart's Jane Lawless mysteries for the lesbian content, the Minneapolis content, and the characters. The mysteries themselves are not so well plotted and sometimes too predictable, but they are always a fun escapist read. I haven't read them in order, and that hasn't usually been an issue, but I definitely am feeling what I missed in the few books before this one. I do like it when a detective has a life that includes change and growth, rather than stagnation, but it seems major even [...]

    16. After a couple of summer bike rides down the steep hill (coasting) efforts, Hart gets back to the clever mystery with her vulnerable, interesting characters. You won't see the twist coming, you'll wonder how the character's ongoing dilemmas will be resolved, and you'll convince yourself you knew all along whodunit--and that Jane should be with Kenzie and not get back together with that nutjob Julia!

    17. Although in the end I mostly enjoyed this read, as usual I found believability issues with this book. I never want- or really believe- that Jane is as clueless as she is. It's hard for me to imagine, for instance, that she would marry someone she didn't love to get money. I would think as the sleuth that she is that she would read people better, but she doesn'tt Chess and not her lovers/ex-lovers/potential lovers. As a Twin Citian, I do like that her book has familiar places.

    18. Jane was kind of putting her sleuthing skills to work, but it was subtle. she really didn't want to get involved though. i'm kind of sad about chess for some reason i liked him. Jane needs to open her eyes about Julia. its not that hard to see that she still loves her or maybe i should call it an obsession. overall this is one of my favorites. Irina was certified crazy!!!

    19. I was shocked when our local library- had this author. Cinci Ohio is not exactly known for it's tolerance of gays/lesbians. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Jane. I did feel as though I should have started not this far into the series, I felt like I missed a lot in some of the subplots, but I really enjoyed this book anyways. This book was a definite winner.

    20. When The Cruel Ever After focuses on Jane and her friends and family, it’s light and enjoyable. But much of the story focuses unlikeable characters, putting a damper on the fun.Read the full review at nightsandweekends/arti

    21. Solid Jane Lawless mystery. After so many years of reading Ellen Hart's books, I've really gotten to like the characters, especially Cordelia.Highly recommend if you like mysteries, books set in the Twin Cities, etc.

    22. We all, for reasons we can't explain, occasionally finish books that are utter garbage. This is mine for 2015. I can't recall reading a more ridiculous, silly, stupid, unnecessary book in the 21st Century. Consider this my gift to you. I read it so you don't have to.

    23. Best Jane Lawless I've read in a long time. Lots if suspense and a couple of plot twists that I didn't see coming. This book reminded me of the early books in the series which was a pleasant surprise.

    24. I usually like Ellen Hart's mysteries and have read most (maybe all) of the Jane Lawless books---but this is my least favorite of all of them because I felt Jane's actions were inconsistent with her character. She usually shows a little common sense.

    25. Every January I get hooked on a mystery seriesst year' s series by Marcia mueller was much better. I am enjoying this one though. This "cultishly gay"series is pretty readable. The earliest ones are coming out on kindle now. The author's growth is apparent. She has honed her craft as they say.

    26. One thing I enjoy about Ms. Hart is her ability to keep me guessing. When I THINK I know the ending, the characters, or the resolution, she throws something in there that I hadn't concidered. I think that is an ART~especially after writing so many in this series!

    27. I liked it. It gave some more history about Jane Lawless, which was interesting. Sometimes these stories are a little formulaic, but I do enjoy them for an easy read.

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