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The Fixer Upper

The Fixer Upper Entirely satisfying an expert balance of warmth and compassion terrific supporting characters a little steamy sex and just enough suspense to keep you from guessing how it will all go down Atlanta

  • Title: The Fixer Upper
  • Author: Mary Kay Andrews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Entirely satisfying, an expert balance of warmth and compassion, terrific supporting characters, a little steamy sex, and just enough suspense to keep you from guessing how it will all go down Atlanta Journal ConstitutionA sassy, sexy, sometimes poignant look at small town Southern life, as only New York Times bestseller Mary Kay Andrews can tell it, The Fixer Upper is Entirely satisfying, an expert balance of warmth and compassion, terrific supporting characters, a little steamy sex, and just enough suspense to keep you from guessing how it will all go down Atlanta Journal ConstitutionA sassy, sexy, sometimes poignant look at small town Southern life, as only New York Times bestseller Mary Kay Andrews can tell it, The Fixer Upper is a must read for fans of Fannie Flagg, Sophie Kinsella, the Ya Yas, and the Sweet Potato Queens, and for every reader obsessed with decorating and home repair It is a truly delectable story of a woman whose professional fall from grace lands her back in a hometown she never knew, amongst a gothic Southern family she s never met, and saddled with a task she could never have imagined.

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      492 Mary Kay Andrews
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    1 thought on “The Fixer Upper

    1. There are a few things I don't like about this book. I find it a little annoying when authors throw out brand names excessively. Describing the watches two people are wearing and telling me that her Panerai trumped his Rolexwell it's just a little silly. A bunch of other brands are mentioned which could have been paid product placement. The other thing which left me feeling somewhere between "blah" and "meh", was the police procedures described. I'd love to know where that old chestnut of a plot [...]

    2. This is light (to the point of air-heady) southern chick-lit. From its popularity at my local library (it was always on reserve and there was a long wait), you'd think this must be a winner. I've enjoyed other efforts by Mary Kay Andrews, and I was drawn to the fixer upper part of the story. (Anyone who knows me can attest that I'm a house person.) While her descriptions of renovating and decorating show that M.K.A. is really into it (check out her blog for pics of her adorable re-done beach hou [...]

    3. Where to begin?This book is cute. Young girl, caught in a scandal, moves to a small town to fix up an old house and of course she has lots of "life" moments and finds romance along the way. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a light, summer romance read. And it isere are just some parts of this book that really bugged me.First of all, I understand books like this aren't really meant to be realistic, but Andrews' lack of reality in this book gets a little extreme. There were just parts here and t [...]

    4. It's another scandalous news day in Washington, D.C. with prominent public relations firm owner, Alex Hodder, being investigated for bribing Congressman Anthony Licata. Unfortunately, his young lobbyist, Dempsey, is caught in the crossfire with him. Vulnerable and naive she might have been but that changes quickly as she realizes what a ninny she was to believe her ever-so-sleazy boss. After having lost her job and her self respect, and fearing that no one will hire her, she visits her father in [...]

    5. I'd really give this a 1.5 star rating but because Ella Kate was a cantankerous, old bitch who made me laugh, I'll swing up to 2.So this story is about a vapid, young lawyer who is framed for bribery and mishandling taxpayer moneyI guessd winds up in a two-stoplight town in the south, fixing a broken-down house that was just left to her egomaniacal father in a will. She falls in love with a jerk who pretends to not be a jerk but she also sort of has the hots for the jerk's dad. There's a old wom [...]

    6. I am a huge Mary Kay Andrews fan, and know that I am not alone. As a southern woman, I just adore the picture the paints of quaint southern charm. And she never fails to create a main character that is a strong, yet sweet and gentile southern belle. I wish I was a Mary Kay Andrews character!The moment I read about the upcoming release of The Fixer Upper, I rushed to reserve my copy, and couldn't wait to start reading. I finished the book in near record time for me, it was that good. I loved that [...]

    7. If you're working on a fixer-upper (like my husband and I), and looking for some literary respiteip this. Dempsey Killebrew loses her DC lobbying job, and ends up trying to fix up her family's crumbling antebellum mansion in Georgia. She miraculously develops super-renovating abilities (don't get me started on how fast she learns and works--it defies the laws of time and space), and finds a handyman who works at about 1/10th the going rate and ten times as fast as the average contractor.My husba [...]

    8. I read some of the comments by others that have read this book and wow! I enjoyed this book. It's not some heavy drama where the reader constantly has to think. It's an enjoyable book about a clueless woman who has to come to terms with her life after she gets dealt a huge blow. Her parents really did not care for her when she was a child. Her father took her away from her mother and then plopped her in a boarding school when he didn't feel like parenting anymore. She puts herself through colleg [...]

    9. Twenty-eight year old Dempsey Killebrew has just learned a hard lesson: the real reason people in power have assistants. One minute, Killebrew is a rising PR associate, Georgetown JD in hand, the next, she finds herself at the wrong end of a political scandal involving her PR firm and her slick, backstabbing boss. Looking for career advice, she looks to her dad who, in turn, offers her a less than stellar “opportunity” to flip a family property in Guthrie, GA. Dempsey reluctantly packs her h [...]

    10. “This house here is a beauty. One of a kind. You just need to shine her up a little, show her some love.”Meet Dempsey Killebrew. A young woman living in D.C. as a lobbyist that has just been fired by her high-powered public relations firm after they were caught in a political scandal. She's a young woman, who has just lost everything she's ever known so far in life and is now unemployed. She seeks the help of her father, Mitch, whom I have to say I dislike. He basically is married to a much [...]

    11. It was a imperfect, formulaic and escapist. The writing wasn't super quality, but it was more than competent. I enjoyed it.Also, I recently read Nora Robert's "Tribute", and it was surprising how similar these two books were, while also being very different. Perhaps it's like the difference between peanut butter and oatmeal cookies: they are both sweets, meant for dessert not nutrition, though they have some nutritional value (protein vs fiber), and you can enjoy them in a convenient way althoug [...]

    12. Dempsey Killebrew is a junior lobbyist in Washington D.C. whose boss has taken her under his wing and made her his prodigy, so she thinks, until he is charged with bribing a senator and uses Dempsey as the fall guy. She loses her job and her name and picture is spread all over the news as the girl who hired prostitutes for the senator. Dempsey's unlikable father has just inherited his family home in small town Georgia and, not having much choice, Dempsey packs up and heads to Georgia to "flip" t [...]

    13. This is the first novel I've read by Mary Kay Andrews. I'm a Georgia girl born and bred, and I kept seeing her books in the bookstore touting Ms. Andrews as a local writer. I finally picked up the novel Fixer Upper. The book intrigued me since my husband and I are in the process of buying a house. This book has it all- political scandals, cover-ups, a love story, and my favorite part - a depiction of the south that is not stereotypical, but is honest and endearing. The main character in Fixer Up [...]

    14. Dempsey Killebrew loses her lobbyist job and her reputation when her boss is caught in a political scandal and tries to throw the blame on her. She heads to Florida to visit her father and his young family. He is not thrilled and sends her off to Guthrie, GA to oversee flipping a house he inherited. He offers to split any profits with her when it's sold. The house is a pink, crumbling disaster with an elderly relation and her dog illegally squatting in the house. The town boasts 2200 people and [...]

    15. Honestly, this book wasn't long on plot, drama, suspense, romance, intrigue, or really anything that normally makes for an engaging good read. Yet, strangely, I really still enjoyed this book. I like the author's writing style. I also really enjoy fixing on my older fixer-upper of a house, so I could relate to the main character. However, I have been working on my old home for 15 years and have not become the "professional" remodeler that Andrews makes Dempsey out to be. Also, where can I hire t [...]

    16. I made myself finish this book, but now I'm wondering why. Complete waste of time. Stupid characters, stupid plot. The only redeeming line in the book was this:"New paint was about hope. It was about believing that underneath the dirt and the crud and the hurt, it was possible to find something solid and substantial. Something worth saving. And when you found something good, wasn't it right to try and fix it?" I'm convinced that the author didn't even write that line because it was so out of pla [...]

    17. This was my first Mary Kay Andrews book. I liked it mainly because it was a "fixer upper" story. Those are always so fun. Here's a great quote from the book. "New paint was about hope. It was about believing that underneath the dirt and the crud and the hurt, it was possible to find something solid and substantial. Something worth saving."Isn't that nice?Note: A few instances of language and adult scenes, though they are brief and well handled.

    18. Knew it was total beach reading and boy, was it ever. Nothing new here, but Dempsey sure picked up house renovation in a hurry when she wore her Carrharts.

    19. I listened to this book on audiotape and even though the voices really annoyed me at first, I got really into the story! This is my first Mary Kay Andrews book and now I really want to read more! :)

    20. I liked the characters and the plot of the story. However the book goes so in depth about the house and what needs to be done with it that I found it boring. I love HGTV but if I want that much detail on something other than the characters I'll just watch a show.

    21. Maybe more like 4 1/2. I didn't care too much how Tee and Dempsey were suddenly together but all in all, charming, wonderful and funny book !!

    22. I think it was pretty cute when I was reading it, but I just found it in my car and thought, "Did I read this already?" so it only gets 3 stars for being super unmemorable.

    23. A nice light road trip listen. Enjoyed the older characters more than the main characters. Wish there was even more about the house. It was the reason the I chose to listen to it.

    24. From the city to the sticks, The Fixer Upper is just the right balance of fun, suspense and romance. Dempsey Killebrew is a recently fired lobbyist from one of the biggest Lobbying firms in Washington DC, who has now been sent to the sticks to "fix up" a historic family home passed down from her Great Uncle, under her father's decree. Little does she know the house is basically a frame with great plumbing. Not only that, it comes with its very own squatter in the form of her "distant" cousin, El [...]

    25. In life you come to a point where you struggle and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, but things that you have to do; such as moving away to a small town where you don’t know anyone, but everyone knows you and your business. Mary Kay Andrews has a hold on the subject she creates for the book and the love that she creates for each character in The Fixer Upper. Dempsey Killbrew lives an interesting life, maybe a little too interesting The Fixer Upper written by Mary Kay Andr [...]

    26. The publisher's description of "The Fixer Upper" is right on target. This was a delightful read about a successful D.C. PR professional turned HGTV wannabe thanks to her boss getting caught up in a scandal with a congressman. Dempsey, the lead character, has to hide out in the small town of Guthrey, GA in order to figure out her next move (because she is also being charged in the bribing scandal thanks to her boss!). The reason she chooses Guthrey is because her father has recently inherited a s [...]

    27. I love Mary Kay Andrew’s books because she is a master at creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in her stories. In The Fixer Upper, Andrews weaves another small-town tale of one woman’s awakening to all the things that really bring her alive. Convinced that being a lobbyist and loyal assistant to her disgraced boss was her calling, Dempsey is surprised to find more accomplishment and joy than she could imagine, fixing up her father’s old homestead, Birdsong.I almost always love a [...]

    28. even better the 2nd time i read it!!!! MKA has a way of making me laugh so many times with the characters and situations! an amazing book!! Mary Kay Andrews is easily one of my all time favorite authors. She has a way of capturing real Southern towns filled with real Southern people faced with outrageous, hilarious problems. Her characters are some of the funniest I have ever read about and the situations they find themselves in are unforgettable and crazy, yet totally believable. Poor Dempsey K [...]

    29. THE FIXER UPPER, the latest novel by Mary Kay Andrews was exactly what I've come to expect from this talented Southern writer. I've been looking forward to this release ever since I read about it on her blog when she first started creating the story. I thought the premise was clever, combining a dramatic story of political bribery and blackmail with just the right amount of Southern charm and romance. And lets not forget the wicked wit that is ever present in Ms. Andrews novels.One of the things [...]

    30. Dempsey Killebrew is involved in a political scandal in Washington DC she gets fired and needs to get out of town until this all dies down. Her father has just inherited an antebellum home in Guthrie GA from his maternal grandmother, called, "Birdsong," and offers Dempsey a deal. She will go to Guthrie and touch up the house a bit and get it ready to sell and they will split the profits. Dempsey loves interior design and figures she can make some money, do something fun, and hide out in this tin [...]

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