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Voidhawk Book in the Voidhawk seriesToo young and na ve to care about the tensions between nations Dexter Silverhawk considered himself the luckiest man alive when he found a derelict voidship hidden amongs

  • Title: Voidhawk
  • Author: Jason Halstead
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 1 in the Voidhawk seriesToo young and na ve to care about the tensions between nations, Dexter Silverhawk considered himself the luckiest man alive when he found a derelict voidship hidden amongst a forbidden field of asteroids Lady luck proves a fickle maiden when he goes from luckiest man alive to dishonorably discharged.Escaping prison is only the first step in maBook 1 in the Voidhawk seriesToo young and na ve to care about the tensions between nations, Dexter Silverhawk considered himself the luckiest man alive when he found a derelict voidship hidden amongst a forbidden field of asteroids Lady luck proves a fickle maiden when he goes from luckiest man alive to dishonorably discharged.Escaping prison is only the first step in making his own luck Finding a crew of castoffs and bringing them together to face the dangers and opportunities of the void between worlds tests Dexter beyond anything he s ever imagined.Don t forget these other Voidhawk books Book 2 Voidhawk The Elder RaceBook 3 Voidhawk RedemptionBook 4 Voidhawk The White LadyBook 5 Voidhawk Lost SoulBook 6 Voidhawl The Edge of Forever

    • [PDF] ï Unlimited ↠ Voidhawk : by Jason Halstead É
      212 Jason Halstead
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    1 thought on “Voidhawk

    1. "Take my love, take my land,Take me where I cannot stand.I don't care. I'm still free.You can't take the sky from me!"Pardon me while I hum along. Why I'd have the theme song to Firefly in my head after reading Voidhawk will be readily apparent to anyone who's ever seen the show and read the book. In fact, let me really geek this out. Imagine a Firefly-Spelljammer crossover. You now have a pretty good idea of how Voidhawk is set. For those of you who didn't spend an unwholesome amount of time de [...]

    2. Voidhawk’s world is a combination of star ship science fiction and fantasy with swords, elves, magic, pirates and sailing ships that look like those of the seventeenth century but sail the void between stars using solar winds and surrounded by an air bubble. I really liked the image of sailing ships in space and enjoyed the mad mix of elements. The story is about a guy called Dexter who gets his own ship and sets off to seek his fortune. The book didn’t hook me immediately because the plot s [...]

    3. First off, I know other reviewers are describing this as sci-fi, but I disagree. This is a very unique way of portraying a fantasy environment, with different lands being entire planets or moons, but this is fantasy. That being said, it's a very exciting read and well worth your time. It seems to me as if the writings of RA Salvore and Robert Asprin have collided in a universe created by Joss Whedon. (Drizz't and Skeeve sailing on Firefly) The writing falls a little flat here and there, but pick [...]

    4. A first reads win! This was a fun and action filled, swashbuckling tale. It takes what could have been a generic science fiction story an adds a veneer of fantasy, giving it a fresh and interesting composition. While the story was fun, it seemed very episod driven without much long term development. Some characters were well developed while others are obviously being saved for latter books. Some of the writing was pretty rough but overall a great first effort. I would love to read the sequel.

    5. A solid swashbuckling space opera. The writing is a bit rough at times, but the story moves fast, is action packed, and the characters are likable.I'd like to give it a three and a half star rating. It's fun, it's easy to read, but it's not the sort of book you reread over and over, grateful that it's story has touched your life. I will happily read the sequel.

    6. Great SF adventure. A mixed race/species crew of a space ship in the model of Edgar Rice Burrough's Mars series transit space with many adventures becoming more human like in the process. Looking forward to the sequel. Free ARC paperback version.

    7. This had a nice try at a different plot, gathering pirates, elfs, dwarfs, magic and space, but unfortunately, I didn't feel it delivered. Throughout the entire book, I felt like this was a story about pirates, the weapons and language were very clear about that, with few reminders here and there, that the set was in space. If the story went a little bit more sci-fi (ish), if the language and weapons were adapted to be more space fitted, I think I would have enjoyed more.

    8. What an adventure, wow really surprised me, mix fantasy, magic and Firefly, it is almost steampunk but a bit more.Imagine space travel using old clippers and other sea going vessels, some real swashbuckling crews and hints of a higher conspiracy. Thanks Jason for a real entertaining adventure

    9. I received Voidhawk by Jason Halstead from giveaway. I really liked Voidhawk, it was well written and sucked me in immediately. Looking forward to reading more of Jason Halstead.

    10. Only a 10 year old boy could suspend disbeliefPutting wood sailing ships with canvas sails in space is just beyond any but a small children's lack of knowledge. Swords, flintlocks, elves, dwarves, wizards and magic join this unbelievable mess in space. Like watching a train wreck that you can't look away from. While a child might suspend disbelief, the story is not suitable for one. By the end you are wondering if the author just put a bunch of story scraps together because it finally ends as th [...]

    11. If you were watching a kind of cheesy, low to mid-budget mix of Lord of the Rings, Firefly and Pirates of the Caribbean on a Sunday afternoon this might be what fell out of the blender. It could also use some substantial copy editing for grammar, etc. The explanation for wooden spaceships that were like pirate ships never did settle with me as well as some other less than plausible things that went on throughout the book. However, it was basically a fun read and it was free. I picked it up becau [...]

    12. There is a series of books out in the Science Fiction world by Peter Hamilton that have starships that are organic creations with transferred souls. That was what came to mind when I grabbed this work and I must say that at first I felt a bit betrayed to find that was not the case here.Voidhawk in this context refers to a hawk shaped wooden ship that can sail between planets, stars, oceans and alight on land using magic, special sail cloth that catches solar winds and a crew working the lines fo [...]

    13. With a mix of humans, dwarves, elves, pirates, wizards and a ghost and all set on a wooden sailing ship in outer space, Voidhawk is a bit like Dungeons & Dragons meets Firefly. Following the adventures of Captain Dexter Silvercloud, we see him acquiring his own ship and building up a motley crew as they travel from one scrape to another while trying to eke a living as space traders.It's definitely not high literature and the storylines are all pretty straightforward D&D type plots but it [...]

    14. Firefly + Farscape + Lord of the Rings = VoidhawkVoidhawk requires the suspension of disbelief and acceptance of a universe that can not exist in our reality. The premise of wooden sailing ships that maintain their own gravity and atmosphere while traveling through space presents a challenge initially. However, magic also exists, so what point is there in expecting the author's creation to conform to standard physics? Spelling and grammatical errors abound, but not to an extent that detracts fro [...]

    15. This story has all the ingredients - wizards, magic, space-travel, pirates, ghosts and the un-dead - not to mention an abundance of promiscuous, semi-clad women. What it lacked was a coherent narrative - there is too much going on. The captain of the Voidhawk admits at one stage to not knowing where his ship was headed - which felt like an admission of the author as to where the story was headed too. Which was a pity - some of the ideas were neat; and often the story would rattle along at a fine [...]

    16. Space fantasy with wooden sailing ships that cross the void on the "solar wind", carrying air bubbles with them and have "gravity planes" that extend outwards a ways so it's possible to toss people overboard.The universe has magic, the ships have something like a "magic battery" that has to be charged in order for the helm to work, which is done by mentally interfacing with it. Not a lot of explanation on how the magic/tech works but the use of it is consistent.Firearms aren't common and are all [...]

    17. Halstead has a vivid imagination, and has created an impressively different universe. Unfortunately, he's short on details. The 'spaceships' are wooden, and armed with catapults - but beyond that, there was no real description. Several chapters in, I still had no idea what these vessels looked like, how they operated, or how this very different universe worked! For some that might not be a problem - but for me it's a big one. I need to be able to visualise what's happening, see the characters an [...]

    18. -Híbrido blanco que trabaja conceptos poco actuales.- Género. Ciencia-Ficción (con premisas fantásticas).Lo que nos cuenta. Dexter Silvercloud es un piloto de la Federación corto de dinero y que por un golpe de suerte ha encontrado una nave (léase con la acepción “barco”) abandonada en un asteroide pero sin daños primarios en su estructura. Junto a su amigo Kragor, enano (léase con la acepción “miembro de una raza de fantasía”) que trabaja en la taberna Lost Sailor, deciden re [...]

    19. Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Golums combined with Pirates on wooden ships sailing through space and fighting ship to ship and hand to hand with swords and muskets. This book has everything that would normally prevent me from reading it. However, once I began to read it, I began to like the characters enough to continue reading. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the crews antics and cringing at the thought that someone might be lost. I think the author did a very good job at creating realis [...]

    20. Voidhawk gives a nod to Firefly with its characters but it's enough different to not be fan fiction. The stage is the intrepid Voidhawk sailing around the Void ferrying cargo from place to place as our heroes get into one scrape after another. However Voidhawk is a wooden sailing ship (think single shot pistols and cutlasses), the Void is space, the inhabitants are humans, elfs, dwarves, etc, and there is magic. My only real complaint is the initial world building was sluggish and I'm still not [...]

    21. I'm not much into the "D&D in space" type novels. In fact, I had even put this one aside more than once. But, once I got past that hang-up and the slow first quarter start of the book, it became a pretty good read. Fans of FIREFLY will find a lot of familiar elements in the story. But Halstead has a gift for character development that supercedes any plot flaw. I'm not sure if I'll continue the series, but I did enjoy this book.d I will check out some of the other novels he's written.

    22. I have read one other Halstead novel and this one completely different both in subject as well as writing. I noticed a lot of editorial mistakes and I thought the store flowed a little choppy. Be that as it may, I was still entertained by this story. The characters well I wasn't sure if I would like them or not, but I found myself really caring for them all. I will likely pick up part two soon and give it a read :)

    23. Read sort of like the series "Firefly", only in a fantasy-space setting (yeah, I said fantasy-space. Don't ask me how that works). Started off strong, but definitely lost steam as the book went along, with the ending being pretty predictable. Not bad, not not good enough to make me look out for the rest of the series.

    24. I would have loved to see where this concept went if it wasn't for the horrible writing. The author uses the word "chuckle" on what feels like every page. Also, the sexual tension between the characters is poorly done. Interesting concept tho.

    25. Die Idee: Fantasy mit Zwergen und Elfen in einem Fantasie-Weltraum. Die Ausführung: Leider auf eine Weise, die meine Suspension Of Disbelief zerstört, und eine Schreibweise und Storyführung, die mir auf die Nerven geht.Zum Glück nicht mal ein Euro, Schade um die Zeit

    26. A unique setting for a fantasy novel, Voidhawk entertained me with its light humour. It wasn't very deep, but kept me interested. Read my full review on my blog:ireadencyclopedias.wordpress.c

    27. I tried, I really did, but I just can't get into books with wooden sailing ships in space ala Jules Verne. If you can, then you should check it out. Elves and Dwarfs in space, that part is cool. A wooden spaceship dodging rocks in an asteroid belt, nope, didn't't do it for me.

    28. Definitely a book to recommend to any SciFi reader. I found it sharp, witty, and fast paced with characters that are interesting and unforgettable. I found myself unable to put it down, and read well into the late nightd didn't mind it at all!Well done.

    29. Great adventure story. At first is was hard to get into the story, but then I found myself sneaking in a few pages at a time because I didn't want it to end. Gonna go get the other stories now.

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