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Dark Curse

Dark Curse A new Carpathian novel from the New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance USA Today Born into a world of ice slave to her evil father Lara Calladine knew only paralyzing fear as a chi

  • Title: Dark Curse
  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • ISBN: 9781440630873
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • A new Carpathian novel from the 1 New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance USA Today Born into a world of ice, slave to her evil father, Lara Calladine knew only paralyzing fear as a child Only by escaping with her mysterious gifts unbroken would she survive to claim her great Carpathian heritage as a DragonseekerNow, Lara is in search of the source ofA new Carpathian novel from the 1 New York Times bestselling queen of paranormal romance USA Today Born into a world of ice, slave to her evil father, Lara Calladine knew only paralyzing fear as a child Only by escaping with her mysterious gifts unbroken would she survive to claim her great Carpathian heritage as a DragonseekerNow, Lara is in search of the source of her nightmares the cold, dark corners of her childhood just on the edges of her memory Only one man has the power and the will to help her dangerous, arrogant Nicolas De La Cruz.Together, Lara and Nicolas search the treacherous Carpathian landscape for the truth about their pasts and discover a passion that neither has ever known before.

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    1. 4 Breaking Free Stars First read Sept. 2012 Reread February 17, 2016Feb 10 2017*Spoilers*"I know very little about your traditions or culture. Just stories my aunts told me when I was a child, but no matter what you've done to tie us together, know this: I don't know you. I don't love you. I don't care anything at all about you. I spent the first years of my life a prisoner and I will never- never-allow anyone to imprison me again. If you try to take anything from me by force, if you try to brea [...]

    2. Let me first say that Feehan's 'Dark' series is akin to literary crack for me. I just can't stop reading them! I agree that her books have become very predictable, yet I still love those Carpathian dudes. I want one for myself. Anyway, I picked up "Dark Curse" which is #16 I believe. If you've read one, you know the story. He's a tortured hero who's ready to give up his soul to the dark when suddenlyhe hears the voice of his lifemate and is saved. He quickly falls under her spell, and now he has [...]

    3. Not my favorite, but it was good. Nicolas was a big jerk at first, but he did redeem himself. I liked Lara- she was mostly strong and always willing to help the others. I loved that I got some Gregori! He is still my main boyfriend from this series. I also got some time with Vikirnoff- my other boyfriend! I didn't like any of the Razvan info- he had sex with loads of OW which bugs me even though Xavier was possessing his body. He also said he loved Lara's mother, but she wasn't his lifemate. And [...]

    4. 4.25 starsThis definitely wasn't my favorite Dark series book, but I did like it better than the last one I read (Dark Celebration). The romance worked pretty well for me. Nicolas came on too strong and controlling at first, which did not mix well with Lara's traumatic past. But he found out in a frightening way, that he needed to respect her freedom or she mentally/emotionally would fall apart. Once he understood that, he was a wonderful lifemate, though he still had a very dominant, at-times a [...]

    5. First off, I LOVE The Carpathians! I know that these guys are almost always overbearing, controlling and bossy but I still think they are sooooo sexy! Yum! This story about Nicholas and Lara is no exception. Lara is part mage/dragonseeker/carpathian and as a child is kept captive by her evil grandfather Xavier and her "evil" father Razvan. These two baddies have made an appearance in quite a few (if not all, I dont remember) of the Dark books. They use Lara for her blood as often as possible and [...]

    6. “Dark Curse” is the story of Nicolas and Lara.Lara Calladine has lived a difficult life. After being tortured and mercilessly used as a blood prey by her father and grandfather- she escapes with the help of her aunts- and vows to live with the humans with plans to rescue her saviors.When as an adult cave explorer, she and her friends are attacked by a deadly virus- she finds support in an unlikely Carpathian, Nicolas De La Cruz- who turns out to be her mate.The usual Dark series plot about a [...]

    7. 4-4.5 starsThis was a really good story. I liked both Lara and Nicolas and their story was very enjoyable and engaging.Lara is a Dragonseeker, an ancient race that is closely linked with the Carpathian people. Unfortunately, Lara is the granddaughter of Xavier, an evil mage that grew jealous of the Carpathian people's long lifespans and used dark magic to extend his life much longer than it should have. Xavier kept Lara, her father Razvan and 2 of her aunts captive when she was a child and it to [...]

    8. I have an addiction to Christine Feehan's Dark Series. I admit it. Sometimes the writing is awkward. Sometimes the characters are inconsistent. But I read on, compelled by the emotion infused into the story. If you haven't read any of the Dark books, this is not the place to start. That being said, stop reading now if you don't like spoilers.Dark Curse brings Nicolas De La Cruz together with his lifemate Lara Calladine, the descendant of an evil mage out to destroy the entire Carpathian race. Th [...]

    9. Este es el segundo libro que leo de la saga de los carpatianos. Como ya mencioné en la reseña de “Lobo Oscuro”, esta saga puedes ser intimidante pues cuenta con más de 26 libros (y la autora sigue publicando más), así que si no saben nada de los carpatianos y quieren leer este libro, les aconsejo que se busquen un wiki o blog (los hay por montones) en donde les expliquen más a fondo sobre las características de este pueblo.Una vez dicho esto, la verdad es que la historia se enfoca en [...]

    10. Nicolas De La Cruz has come back to the Carpathian mountains to deliver a serious message to Mikhail Dubrinsky, the prince of the Carpathian people. The De La Cruz brothers have discovered a terrible plot against their people and the prince, and must get word to him and the other Carpathian hunters to remain vigilant. Once he has delivered his message, Nicolas has every intention of meeting the dawn and ending his life. He has been living in an emotionless, colorless world for many centuries, an [...]

    11. This is one of my favorite 'dark' books. Nicolas was delightfully dominant and arrogant in the vein of the earlier Carpathian heroes. He was softened just enough by his heroine but kept that core bad assness that I love so much in a PNR series, but he had his struggles.The uber cave-alpha versus more modern open-minded hero is all about reader preference. I respect that Feehan has tried to give all her readers heroes they can root for. It's like any series, some heroes will do it for certain peo [...]

    12. Another hard cover that was worth the money. I felt so sorry for Lara. Her story is the 2nd of the series that made me friggin cry. If you read previous reviews, you know the first was Lucian and Jax's story. I felt so bad for this girl I could not think straight. I was so overcome when Lara and her aunt my girl Natalyia discovered the truth about Lara's father! I read the book and saw so many sequels. Daark Curse has breathe new life into this series. There are so many possibilities and sequels [...]

    13. Esta saga siempre da una de cal y otra de arena. El anterior no me gusto mucho. Este me ha gustado bastante, empezando por la protagonista. Daba pena leer como lo tuvo que pasar en su infancia. En cuanto a Nicolas, pues como todos los carpatianos de la saga, son adorables, pero cuando se ponen en modo macho alfa me sacan un poco de quicio. La trama central que llevamos arrastrando durante varios libros me gusta mucho. En breve leeré el siguiente. Me llama mucho la atención la historia de los d [...]

    14. I tried, I really did. For the audio books listening challenge I wanted to start a series and get sucked in. However, its kind of embarrassing but I was at the gym, forcing myself to listen to this book and by chapter 5 I was muttering 'for Christ's sake' and shutting it off and my workout buddy was laughing at me'another bomb? she says'. Yeah. Between the 'old, wise' Carpathian warriors arguing ad nauseum about letting their 'little women' go into battle, the endless foreign language passages, [...]

    15. I used to love this series until I grew disenchanted with the whole Alpha male must provide smothering to his mate to keep the species alive. Yeah, I know it's protection not smothering, but it amounts to the same thing. This is a complicated story that had some redeeming qualities and since I haven't read this series in a while, I didn't know the entire cast of characters. But this was an audio and I was annoyed because the readers didn't know the cast of characters either so their voices, with [...]

    16. SPOILERS!!! Dark Curse is the story of Nicolas De La Cruz and Lara Calladine. Let me just say that I LOVED the character Lara. Boy was she strong and a worthy lifemate to Nicolas who learns quickly to value her strength and character. Lara Calladine is the Razvan's daughter and niece to Natalya. Lara spent most of her early life in the ice caves of the dark mage Xavier. She was more or less raised, protected and sheltered by (as much as they could) by Branislava, Tatijana and Razvan.whenever he [...]

    17. This one was tough. It was a hard story to read - because of the flashbacks. Nicholas was a typical Carpathian. A bit too much too take, but Lara wanted NONE of it. It is hard for me to rate a book highly when the heroine tries to kill herself to get away from the hero. I did not agree with her, but knowing her background I understood how she could have been that freaked. But it taints the romance for me.

    18. Nicholas has come to confess the DeLaCruz's sins to Mikhail and to tell him of the shadow world of vampires that are looking to cross back he plans to talk with Mikhail, and then seek the light he knows he is too darkLara, a cave explorer, has glimpses into the terrors of her childhood and slight memories of two aunts trapped in ice and she is looking for the ice caves of her dreams - finally making it to Carpathian mountains she almost believes her memories are only fantasy, and never happenedS [...]

    19. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ms. Feehan. I owe my entire love for paranormal/fantasy/romance in general to her. I remember browsing through Barnes & Noble years ago and stumbling into the romance section. I never read romance before because I was just never into sex in books and I suppose the old school covers with the hero and heroine completely turned me off. I must have been mighty bored on that trip because I found myself walking down the romance aisle. I came across a numb [...]

    20. I know when i reviewed Dark Secret i said i probably wouldn't like any of the South American Carpathian men because Rafael was just so obnoxious to me, but i think Nicolas more or less redeems all the brothers in this one. Eventually.The prologue itself got me completely involved in the book and with Lara. I've been looking forward to reading more on Razvan, Xavier and the past between the mages and the Carpathians, and this book added a lot to that story.Nicolas is here to tell Mikhail about an [...]

    21. When she was a child, Lara's father Razvan and grandfather Xavier (the big bad dark mage), used her as a food supply. It was only thanks to her two great aunts that she managed to escape her icy prison, and she swore to herself she would never be a prisoner againAnd no one would take her blood without her consent.Well, 19 years later her promise comes to a test, when she restores Nicolas De La Cruz's emotions and colors, thus becoming his lifemate. And lifemates don't shy away from donating bloo [...]

    22. I first read this on 5/24/11, and I really didn't like it then. I re-read it in April 2012, after winning it in an online contest. I thought I was getting a Carpathian novel that I hadn't read it before, but when I received it and started reading it, I realized right away that I had read it already. Since I got it for free, I decided I might as well read it again. I'm not sure why I didn't like it the first time, because I really appreciated it this time around. I seem to either love or hate the [...]

    23. well as for all her books, there is so much emotional descriptive fluff, that sometimes i skip a couple pages to get to the point. If it were consistant I wouldn't mind, but she will be nondescriptive of actions, it isn't as visual.I don't need 3 pages to tell me about every muscle that ripped through each of them when CF could have just said in so many words He pissed her off because he was so bossy. I think I can visualize that instead of being walked through sllloooowwwwlllyyyy see just stret [...]

    24. I didn't really enjoy this book. The constant ice cave scenes were so boring; I really had to force myself not to skip a couple of pages. And Lara, ugh! I know she was traumatized as a child, but can she not try and seek some help? I just kept getting really annoyed with her and her behavior. Many times throughout the book she nearly killed people because she was freaking out. Nicolas didn't help the situation by babying her everytime she would spaz out and nearly kill people. I totally agreed w [...]

    25. Great addition to the Dark Series. We first saw Lara in a vision as a child in Dark Demon, along with two dragons. This story gives was a great way to not only prepare us for Razvan's story, but clears the way for two other stories. I really enjoyed the the turn around in attitude for Nicholas De La Cruz. I love a strong Alpha male, and the De La Cruz brothers definitely deliver, however, it is important to a story for the male to understand when his behavior hinders the relationship. And the br [...]

    26. i have recently finished this series and thoroughly enjoyed it although some of the characters where much more prominant and likeable than others.Gregori who is the great carpathian healer and prince mikhail 2nd in command and also becomes his son-in-law marrying the princes daughter savannah hes crabby bad tempered proud and above all loyal to his prince and the carparthian way of life,I have to say that he was my favourite character throughout the series. I would definately recommend this seri [...]

    27. This is my first time reading a Christine Feehan novel. I read this book in one day, the first half was captivating. Then the plot slowed down a lot. Lare who cared about her friends and family did a lot of contradicting things. Like going to check on her friends in the inn, who because of her got into a danger. Upon arrival at the inn, she has her little "sexy dance" with Nicolas and then just calls to see if they were oke, instead of going up stairs herself, that to me was a bit disturbing. Th [...]

    28. This is a complex book and it is very dark. Lara is the child of Razvan and has been tortured by Xavier while a child. She escaped and when Nicholas meets her he is at the end of his time. It takes a while for them to come together. A lot of the book is spent on Carpathian politics and this drags it down slightly but still very good.

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