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Dark and Stormy Knights

Dark and Stormy Knights stories from the hottest writers in paranormal fantasy A Questionable Client Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels guards shifter Saiman less trustworthy than the enemy Even Hand Dres

  • Title: Dark and Stormy Knights
  • Author: P.N. Elrod
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 9 stories from the hottest writers in paranormal fantasy 1 A Questionable Client Kate Daniels, 0.5 by Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels guards shifter Saiman, less trustworthy than the enemy.2 Even Hand Dresden Files, 11.6 by Jim Butcher Gentleman John Marcone, Chicago s most dangerous crime lord, fights water demon with defenses against White Council wizard Harry Dr9 stories from the hottest writers in paranormal fantasy 1 A Questionable Client Kate Daniels, 0.5 by Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels guards shifter Saiman, less trustworthy than the enemy.2 Even Hand Dresden Files, 11.6 by Jim Butcher Gentleman John Marcone, Chicago s most dangerous crime lord, fights water demon with defenses against White Council wizard Harry Dresden 3 The Beacon by Shannon K Butcher Hereditary fighter faces monster that killed his father and town, with a little girl that attracts said monster 4 Even a Rabbit Will Bite by Rachel Caine Liesl trains the new Dragonslayer before she faces the last dragon.5 Dark Lady Vampire Files, 12.75 by P.N Elrod Vampire nightclub owner Jack Fleming promises radio to resident ghost.6 Beknighted by Deidre Knight Artist tries to free knight painted in real gold.7 Shifting Star Signs of the Zodiac, 4.6 by Vicki Peterson Skamar, Tibetan for star, newly created tulpa, fights another vicious male of Tulpa 8 Rookwood Mrs King by Lilith Saintcrow Vampire private eye is hired by wife to kill the woman s vampire husband 9 God s Creatures Kitty Norville, 0.8 by Carrie Vaughn Cormac follows a werewolf to convent school.

    • ☆ Dark and Stormy Knights || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ P.N. Elrod
      488 P.N. Elrod
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Dark and Stormy Knights || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ P.N. Elrod
      Posted by:P.N. Elrod
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    1 thought on “Dark and Stormy Knights

    1. Feb. 28, 2014This is a collection of nine original stories in the urban fantasy genre, so reading it continues the broadening of my acquaintance with that field that I began last year. It's been on my radar for some time; I snagged a copy with a gift card I got for my most recent birthday, and used an interval this past week between novels I'm reading for common reads in two of my groups to get a start on it.Besides her presumed role in selection, Elrod's contribution as editor only consists of [...]

    2. A very enjoyable collection of 9 urban fantasy shorts. I have only read 3 of the authors before (Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine), but I will certainly search out more work by the other authors in the volume. Of the 9, there was only one which I found a bit confusing, perhaps because I haven’t read more of her work. With the Ilona Andrews and Jim Butcher offerings, I was familiar enough with their worlds to make these two short works quite enjoyable. The authors playfully filling in t [...]

    3. 3 out of 5I read this book on audio during my too long ride to work. Each story seems to have a different narrator and I enjoyed the change of voice for each story (even if every story wasn't so great).The first story A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews is a prequel to the Kate Daniels series featuring Kate's first run-in with sexy, shady shifter Saiman. I loved it. It's filled with sarcasam, gore and Saiman doing his creepy shifting thing and attempting to find the perfect form that'll make [...]

    4. Do you ever read anthologies and by the time you are done only remember 1 story?Like all anthologies 1 was awesome, a couple were ok, 1 I skipped, and the rest I thought was some of the stupidest stories I had ever read. Meh. But I feel this way with every anthology. I read them to read my fave authors additions, but short stories just aren't my thing. Just too few pages to understand an entire universe especially if I haven't read anything from that author before. I did particularly like 1 stor [...]

    5. Anthologies, you know. It’s like asking people to throw random things at your head and hoping they pick cotton balls instead of rocks.The goodRachel Caine, “Even a Rabbit Will Bite” – A surprise standout. I’m not a Rachel Caine fan (hello, deliberate impregnation without consent plotline in her series, unclean unclean!) but this really worked. Very ancient dragonslayer teaches the trade to her apprentice. There’s just one dragon left in the world now, and only on the brink of extinct [...]

    6. An anthology of nine short stories with a central theme of the dark, stormy protector. A person who will fight to save but not always in the most scrupulous manner.Series:"A Questionable Client" (Kate Daniels, 0.5)"Even Hand" (Dresden Files, 11.6)"Dark Lady" (Vampire Files: Jack Fleming, 2 years after his "death" and Lady Crymsyn is open)"Shifting Star" (Zodiac, 4.75)"God's Creatures" (Kitty Norville, 0.6)The StoriesIlona Andrews' "A Questionable Client" fills in the background on Kate and Saima [...]

    7. Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyA Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels prequel)Review: I would have bought the whole anthology for this story alone. We get an early glimpse at Kate’s life and find out how she met the shapeshifter Saiman. Sadly, no Curran, but we do get a fun bit of Russian mythology. If you haven’t tried this series yet, you get a great sense of the humor, characters, and world that Kate lives in all packed into 46 excellent pages….5/5 batsClick HERE [...]

    8. Note: This review is only for Ilona Andrews' short story, A Questionable Client.Length: 45 pagesCall me strange if you'd like, but I found Saiman interesting in the short glimpses we get of his character in Magic Bites and Magic Burns. Since I've been devouring each installment in the Kate Daniels series with vigor lately, I figured I should read the series prequel before moving any further. And when I found out that this prequel is Saiman and Kate's back story, I knew I had to check it out.In A [...]

    9. No, really. LOTS of SPOILERS.And I got my Kitty fix and I got my Dresden fix and I got my Kate Daniels fix allinthesamebookanditwassocool!!!I could jump on board with this anthology thingThe Kitty story directly interrogates the question of monstrosity. Pitting Cormac against a werewolf, who admittedly is beginning to lose control, but who has never killed a human being leaves both the reader and Cormac questioning the nature of monstrosity. There is no reference to where in the Kitty timeline t [...]

    10. “A Questionable Client” by Ilona Andrews - The world of the story is intriguing--magic causes the equivalent of rolling blackouts and EMP bursts, and mercenaries roam to deal with beasties. Kate Daniels is a cool character, tough but relatable (especially her love of chocolate). The situation Kate is put into is weird and outrageous, her client is a royal pain; and I liked the outcome. I hadn’t read any Ilona Andrews before; but a friend recommended the Kate Daniels books. Because of this [...]

    11. Overall, the best anthology I've read. I read every story except for one and enjoyed all to a greater or lesser degree. Kudos to Elrod for choosing authors who write short stories well (a tricky job) and good stories.For those who are interested in more details:I enjoyed the Ilona Andrews story very much. It was a prequel to their Kate Daniels series (the series is actually written by husband and wife team Gordon and Ilona). I finally know why Kate gets reduced rates from Saimon! I can't tell if [...]

    12. 4 starsI got this because I was interested in the stories by Ilona Andrews and Carrie Vaughn. I liked both of those stories very much. The other stories varied in my level of like or dislike for them. I found that the Jim Butcher story was very good and made me decide to listen (I do a lot of audiobooks) to the Dresden series in the future. I also liked the Lilith Saintcrow story. I hope she'll write more about Rookwood and Mrs. King (if she does I'll buy the book). Overall I didn't expect to li [...]

    13. It's a good collection of stories, I'm not a big fan of anthologies because it's like putting your finger in cake frosting, why have just a taste when you can eat an entire piece. But, I liked the stories and got to read a few authors that weren't on my radar, and that I liked.I just finished reading the first story, "A Questionable Client". Although I enjoyed it, (because I'm a fan of the Kate Daniels series) I think that if you read it on its own you don´t know what's going on, nor who everyo [...]

    14. Audiobook. Anthology. I also have the paperback. Rating average 3.67 stars and then I averaged up to 4. Better than average anthology. I didn't know if I'd like the various narrators but ended up doing so. The problem I had was when a story would end I had no internet access sometimes and I'd have to try to remember what I thought of each story. I stopped listening when I had 2 stories to rate so I wouldn't screw this up. 1. A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews. Very good story, prequel to the [...]

    15. Concept: short stories based on the idea of the modern knight, who isn't exactly bright and shiny, but a little more tarnished and dented up. I largely read it for the Jim Butcher Dresden Files contribution, but I always read the whole book when I pick up short stories. Good for reading in between potty training sessions over Spring Break. :) I'm just going to give some highlights here."Even Hand" by Jim Butcher is set in the Dresdenverse, but doesn't actually feature our favorite snarky wizard. [...]

    16. See, now this is why I don't like anthologies like this. There are too many authors in here and it pulls down the rating. Overall I liked this anthology. I give it a 3.5 star overall.I borrowed it SPECIFICALLY to read the Ilona Andrews - Questionable client story. I liked it! I give it a 3.5 star. It's not my favourite novella of theirs, but it was pretty darn good. "Would you like some milk?"The Rachel Caine one I give a 4 star. It kind of bruised my heart. Her's why. I love dragons. To read th [...]

    17. Dark and Stormy Knights had some good short stories - The best of the bunch was the Iona Andrews short - Kate meets Saiman - if you are a Kate fan this may make the book worth buying. Also fun but not earthshattering were a Dresden universe short starring Johny Marcone and Vauhn's Cormac getting his own tale. I was disappointed in Shannon Butcher's short - I was hoping for a Sentinels story. The two vampire detective shorts by PN Elrod and Lilith Saintcrow were so so, but if you are a fan of Elr [...]

    18. Read this primarily for the Butcher short story "Even Hand," a Marcone story. Butcher is clearly gleeful when he gets to speak from another character's point of view, and you realize just how tunnel-visioned Harry Dresden is about life in general when you read these other POVs. Marcone was brilliant (definitely my favorite character) and it was well worth picking this up to read since "Even Hand" isn't included in Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files.

    19. Es una colección de cuentos interesante, en la que NO encontré nada nuevo, tal vez alguna manera especial de justificar el uso de la magia y las criaturas mágicas, pero nada realmente destacable. Para los seguidores de Harry Dresden, hay un cuento que enlaza entre el último libro y el que viene, y no es un gran cuento, es un relato forzado para mostrarnos un arma que tendrá valor estratégico en la historia.Si lo encuentran y son fanáticos de la fantasía urbana, pues les va gustar. No me [...]

    20. Only read Ilona Andrews' "A Questionable Client."I really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is going to read the series ~ and to read it first. It really gave some background information on how things came to be and a little more understanding of Kate. Saiman was really interesting and left me wondering if he's going to show up in the future books.

    21. Nice collection. Some stories better than others. Jim Butcher one is a little different as the story is told without Dresden. Shannon K. Butcher also not part of the Sentinel series, but kind of an off shoot. Still good.

    22. I enjoyed this anthology. It had one great novella by one of my favorite authors, and several entertaining stories by authors with whom I was unfamiliar but whose books I now want to read.First, the best: "A Questionable Client", by Ilona Andrews. This was the main reason I wanted to read the book, and the authors did not disappoint. I've been intrigued by Saimon since I read the Kate Andrews series, and this is a fine introduction. He is at once amoral, vain, cowardly, smart, and amusing. I lau [...]

    23. Even a Rabbit Will Bite by Rachel Caine is a stand-alone short story in the Dark and Stormy Knights anthology.This story is about Lisel, a Dragon Slayer being forced into retirement. She’s kept the world safe from dragons and now only Karathrax, the final dragon survives. Lisel is awaiting the arrival of Ellen, her new mentor and the future of dragon slaying. Ellen is naive and knows nothing about dragons or dragon slaying. Ellen has strange views like wanting to know why the dragons need to b [...]

    24. Please note: I received an ARC of this book through the Librarything Early Reviewers program. The anthology itself is due out in August.Dark and Stormy Knights is an anthology of paranormal stories written by some of the most popular authors in the genre. In fact, I assume that most of its readers will be attracted due to the popularity of its contributors, rather than its theme, to which some of the stories seem only tangentially related. Which is fine; overall, it's a good selection of stories [...]

    25. I am not really a short story fan ordinarily, but these stories got me carried away & gave me an idea of the other writers style that I had not read before and I'll admit I cheated & listened to them on audio, each short story had a different narrator & the production was really great. My favoutrites definately are 'Questionable Client' & 'Even Hand', but most have their merits, the most haunting had to be 'Even a rabbit will Bite', which stayed with me long after.Here's a snap s [...]

    26. Anthologies, especially those dealing with various kinds of paranormal things, are strange & unpredictable creatures. Sometimes you come across such inept & cringe-worthy writing that makes you believe that people (mostly American teenagers, they have been defining stuff for a very long time now, thanks to the might of the Dollar in this unipolar world) would read ANYTHING. And then, you would read a book that contains dark & deadly stuff polished to a gleam that hurts, pains, and ye [...]

    27. "A Questionable Client" by Ilona Andrews - Five stars. An interesting short from the world of Kate Daniels. Regular readers gain a new perspective on Saiman and new readers are introduced to one of my favorite female protagonists. Kate's innovation and the villain's casual cruelty make this piece shine."Even Hand" by Jim Butcher - Five stars. Narrated by a villain slash uneasy ally from The Dresden Files, John Marcone. His quiet ruthlessness is a nice contrast to the series' white knight. Hints [...]

    28. As I've already reviewed each story individually on the Livejournal [info]365shortstories community, I won't retread those thoughts here in any detail. Of the nine stories in this collection, five are definitely part of existing fictional worlds: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels books, Carrie Vaughn's "Kitty" books, Vicki Pettersson's "Sings of the Zodiac" series, and editor P.N. Elrod's Jack Fleming mysteries. I was already very familiar with the Dresden books and have a [...]

    29. A Questionable Client by Ilona AndrewsInteresting new take on the vampire hunter trope. Lots of fun. I hadn't heard (read) any stories featuring Kate Daniels but I'm very interested in checking a few out after hearing this one. 4/5Even Hand by Jim ButcherThis is a look into one of my favorite baddies from the Dresden books, John Marcone. We find out just a little bit more about the Gentleman, and his particular code. And what he'll do to keep it. Fun and easy to listen to. 4/5The Beacon by Shann [...]

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