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Skeleton Creek

Skeleton Creek Algo muy extra o est ocurriendo en Skeleton Creek Algo siniestro Algo aterrador Ryan roz el misterio y a punto estuvo de morir Ahora est atrapado en su casa No puede confiar en nadie ni siquiera en s

  • Title: Skeleton Creek
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9788421684399
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Algo muy extra o est ocurriendo en Skeleton Creek Algo siniestro Algo aterrador Ryan roz el misterio y a punto estuvo de morir Ahora est atrapado en su casa No puede confiar en nadie, ni siquiera en s mismo Sus padres le han prohibido ver a Sarah, su mejor amiga, as que mientras Ryan, solo y aislado, trata de escribir todo lo que est ocurriendo, ella vuelve aAlgo muy extra o est ocurriendo en Skeleton Creek Algo siniestro Algo aterrador Ryan roz el misterio y a punto estuvo de morir Ahora est atrapado en su casa No puede confiar en nadie, ni siquiera en s mismo Sus padres le han prohibido ver a Sarah, su mejor amiga, as que mientras Ryan, solo y aislado, trata de escribir todo lo que est ocurriendo, ella vuelve a investigar, arriesgando su vida para alcanzar la verdad Para comunicarse con su mejor amigo, Sarah filma v deos de todo lo que averigua y luego le manda a Ryan contrase as para que l pueda verlos por Internet Los dos juntos descubrir n que el pasado es peligroso, que el presente est lleno de trampas y que el futuro es mortal Bienvenido a Skeleton Creek L ELO M RALO V VELO.

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      293 Patrick Carman
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    1. “Physically, mentally, emotionally -- it seems like every part of me is broken in one way or another.”This is a guilty pleasure. I read it in an hour and I had fun with it, I don't think all books need to do anymore than just that.Skeleton Creek is about a couple of young teens that want to learn the mystery of an old factory, which they are convinced is haunted. Their parents forbid them to see each other anymore, since they are always getting into something together so they talk to each ot [...]

    2. I believe that the reason for Skeleton Creek's popularity is the fact that it's so innovative. It was huge when I was in the sixth grade (2009) because it was one of few interactive books for kids that also utilized the use of digital media "links" and video clips. One could compare it to The Maze of Bones and Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons because of the way it becomes more than "just a book". However, I'm not basing my review on that. You can stick as many little games and flashy fe [...]

    3. Ryan is housebound and forbidden to have anything to do with his best friend Sarah after he is seriously injured in a fall in an old dredge out in the woods that no one in town wants to talk about. But both have found and disabled their parents' monitoring software and are communicating by email, as Sarah continues their dangerous investigation and sends Ryan links to the videos she makes documenting her research into the horrific death of a worker on the dredge years ago, what may be his ghost [...]

    4. A boy named Ryan is having spooky problems with his life. His best friend Sarah goes with Ryan to "The Dredge" and gets chased down by a skeleton and is nearly killed. He is stuck at home with a full leg cast and is banned from seeing or communicating with Sarah. They start to email, and Sarah sends him videos as she goes to the Dredge and Ryan stays at home. Ryan is very scared for Sarah and he really wants to help her, but he can't because of a broken leg. He is forbidden to see Sarah but he i [...]

    5. ok listen, the end of this book is a TOTAL cliffhanger. OH MY MOO!!! i cant wait for the second one to come out!

    6. Summary:After an accident at a local dredge, best friends Ryan and Sarah are forcibly separated by their parents in order to keep out of trouble. But they know something mysterious is going on in the town of Skeleton Creek, and discover that some things are best left to the imagination.Characters:Ryan- A writer, and the narrator of the story. The book is told from the prospective of him writing in his journal. He's a bit shy, and tends to be easily swayed by Sarah's ideas.Sarah Fincher- A filmak [...]

    7. I started reading this book to my students on Thursday. The effect was amazing - almost viral the way the students went on about it. After the next recess I had 3 different teachers ask me what I'd done to my students, and that my students wouldn't stop talking about "some book" we'd been reading.Ryan and Sarah are two teenagers who are trying to find out why their town was named Skeleton Creek. Ryan writes in journals and has for ages. Sarah's "thing" was video taping. This ghost story is writt [...]

    8. I'll be honest. I don't do scary. Not really. If I did, I'm sure my reaction to Skeleton Creek would be more enthusiastic. But I don't need to love a book in order to blog about it! After all, I can recognize a good story when I see it, even if that story isn't for me. Skeleton Creek could probably be described as a deliciously creepy mystery about two teenagers--one boy, Ryan, one girl, Sarah--living in a mysterious town, Skeleton Creek, a town that has seen better days, brighter days. The town [...]

    9. When Ryan and Sarah explore an abandoned gold mining dredge, they discover more than they bargained for-- the ghost of a dredge worker killed in a freak accident and a coverup hidden by half the town.During their exploration, Ryan is seriously injured and both kids' parents forbid them to see each other. Determined to solve the mystery of Skeleton Creek, Ryan and Sarah continue their investigations in secret. Ryan records his memories and the facts he uncovers in a journal (the book)and Sarah re [...]

    10. I don't usually gush about middle grade books as I am too far removed from the experiences and feelings about a middle grader to feel like I fall in love with books meant for kids in junior high. I can usually appreciate their plots, themes, characters and so on, but if I didn't read them at the appropriate age my adult brain prohibits me from falling love with them. True and sad, I know.I thought I was going to feel the same way about this book and its subsequent series.I was dead wrong. A stud [...]

    11. OK, so this book is not amazingly written. It's not amazingly acted (yes, this book has acting in it). But it absolutely perfectly accomplishes exactly what it is trying to do, which is why I've given it five stars.I love horror movies. I've watched so many horror movies that I consider myself kind of de-sensitized to horror movies. I also read (and watched) this book during the day in a brightly lit room. And it creeped me out. Like, seriously hairs standing up on the back of my neck. As a ghos [...]

    12. Elements And Style:In Skeleton Creek Patrick Carman uses fear, and humor at some points just to lighten the mood. Patrick Carman uses two protaginists: Ryan and Sarah. Patrick also has a antgonist: The Ghost Of Old Joe Bush. Patrick also uses the mood of the story (mystery, fear) to make the reader want to read even more because they dont know whats going to happen. He has left this book on a cliffhanger which makes you want to read all of the series.Characterization: Ryan (the main character) w [...]

    13. Sarah and Ryan are two teenagers who want to know about the drench. So Ryan and Sarah go to check the drench out well it ends up Ryan is hurt and in hospital with a broken leg and him and, Sarah can't talk to each other for a long time and if they do Ryan has to move away.They end up talking anyway but they try to keep it a secret. So when Ryan is at home he trys to find out what happen to the drench. Then Sarah makes all these video's and sends them to Ryan. Then Sarah is going to go to the dre [...]

    14. Readers interact with Ryan’s journal and Sarah’s videos. The two best friends are being separated by their parents after Ryan suffered a severe injury and has been bedridden for weeks. The story catches readers up with what led to the injury—a paranormal investigation of an old mining dredge. Then the two friends have to sneak around their parents and continue investigating. Since Ryan is still recovering, he has to do what he can with research while Sarah continuesThe story is quickly pac [...]

    15. It was clear that this book was meant to leave a mark on this whole series, and on people's minds and memories. This was a great series of chapters leading up to future events and more. This is truly a quick read that can effectively get into anyone's memories. Great book.

    16. I thought it was great if you watch the videos they can be freaky some even scary! But I recommend this book to people who like horror. It has great suspense and action.

    17. I'd read about this book, and its online video tie-ins, before I got ahold of it. Taking the form of "Ryan's Journal," complete with lined paper and pasted-in printouts, it presents the beginning of another multi-platform, multimedia series, a la Cathy's Book or The 39 Clues. In theory, I like this idea, and it may actually work for readers younger than me who have been "multimedia" for longer than I have. But when reading all of these books, I have never stopped reading to jump online. It inter [...]

    18. This is one of those books middle school English teachers cram down your throat. Why? Mostly because they neglect the upper level readers ands ignore the fact that we wanted challenging reads but instead catered to the local degenerates who I still see everyday and I'm not a 100% sure they can even read.The story is in two different sections. One half is actually in the book the other is on video via Internet. This means when the author couldn't write about how he wants to the story to evolve he [...]

    19. *****Skeleton Creek is a suspenseful read that kept me spooked throughout the entire book! It is written in journal format but periodically though out the book you are given a website and password to access video that goes with the story.Plot: Ryan and his friend Sarah were investigating the old Dredge in the woods of Skeleton Creek when Ryan fell and shattered his leg. Now Ryan is laid up at home and both teens are forbidden from seeing each other. Determined to find out what exactly they saw w [...]

    20. This is a book with a mystery like no other! You read journal entries and emails back and forth with these two friends. One of the friends has been hurt and is bedridden and the two are no longer allowed to see each other because of the trouble they got in while trying to figure out this mystery. Then, you get a website and password to go to your computer and see the video that the friend shot that is an investigation of the mystery that she is continuing even though her journal writing friend c [...]

    21. Skeleton Creek is a really fun and scary mystery book.Skeleton Creek is about Ryan, his friend sarah, and the dredge. The dredge is a really old building in the woods of the little old town they live in called Skeleton Creek. Sarah and Ryan have been best friends since they were very little but had an accident at the dredge and after this happened their parents decided they weren't allowed talk or contact each other anymore. They think there is something strange about the dredge though. Like the [...]

    22. This is a terrible book. It only takes an hour or so to read, but that's an hour you could be spending doing things that are far more productive, like smoking marijuana, or drinking vodka, or dropping out of high school. You could spend that hour playing video games, or going on facebook, or watching grass grow. You could get through a couple Magic Treehouse books. What you should not do is read Skeleton Creek.Seriously.Who decided to link a book with a website? Where did that idea even come fro [...]

    23. I would recommend this book to a more mature audience because this book contains scenes from the supernatural world that might be too scary for younger kids. The title is appropriate because Skeleton Creek is the name of the town where Ryan and Sarah, the main characters, live. The characters are unique, especially Sarah. She keeps on wanting to go back to the dredge to find out more about Old Joe Bush. Ryan is a bit more scared than Sarah since he was supposedly pushed down a flight of stairs b [...]

    24. I will give it this: It's once of those books you can't put that because you have to know what happens! Having to pause from reading every couple of chapters in order to log into to the sarahfincher site was a frustrating distraction and the girl who portrays Sarah in the video put it nicely, I hope she has career aspirations that involve things other than acting, which came off as a pale imitation of Katie Holmes's character of Joey from Dawsons Creek. I really wanted to like this book. I even [...]

    25. This is a really fun book which combines technology and reading. Think of Scooby Doo meets Blair Witch Project. There spooky mystery story that two teenagers are trying to get to the bottom of (hence Scooby Doo). The boy writes a diary which recounts the spooky events that he and his friend experience. The girl likes to record things on video and then she uploads the videos of their mysterious happenings onto the web. The website is provided for the reader to experience. The video is done in bla [...]

    26. I thought that this book was great. I would say this book gets a 4 star because it has a good plot setting and characters. I did not like the fact that this book left me off on a cliffhanger. This book is good for people who like horror mysteries, and fiction. This book made me think about how the smallest decision could make the biggest commotion. This book keeps you on the edge every page. This book sometimes made me question reality. If I had to change something about the book it would probab [...]

    27. I think this book was great because, the thrills in this are great! sometimes while I was reading I felt like Old Joe Bush was watching me. To me watching the videos thought out the book help with the story line but you Really don't need to watch them to know what their talking about, and I think it was a nice feature.I like that the story was not to hard but not to easy to read. the book left some many questions and i think that is what kept me turning the pages because i wanted to find out wha [...]

    28. This could be the best book i have read since Diary of a Wimpy Kid.The book has videos so there is more suspense and how the characters look like, like Sarah,Ryan,Old Joe Bush and many other characters.The book starts out as Ryan aftermath going to the dredge getting passed out with a broken leg.How it all started on what mysterys are going on in Skeleton Creek, Sarahs and Ryans home town, and since Ryan is in a leg cast Sarah is video taping everything she can get and showing it to Ryan.When Sa [...]

    29. I don't understand why this book isn't talked about more because holy crap. The videos and the journal format made the reading experience so much more intense and interesting than if everything, including the video sequences, had been written out. The combination of the two made it feel a lot more like watching a horror movie than reading a ghost story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, despite it being a lower reading level than what I normally read. I am going to recommend we buy it at t [...]

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