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The Chimneys Of Green Knowe

The Chimneys Of Green Knowe Illustrated by Peter Boston Published in the U S A as Treasure of Green Knowe

  • Title: The Chimneys Of Green Knowe
  • Author: L.M. Boston Peter Boston
  • ISBN: 9780952323334
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrated by Peter Boston.Published in the U.S.A as Treasure of Green Knowe.

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      209 L.M. Boston Peter Boston
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    1 thought on “The Chimneys Of Green Knowe

    1. I enjoyed this Green Knowe book even more than the first one. Tolly is back again, spending his spring vacation with his great grandmother at Green Knowe out in the country but is somewhat upset to find that the portrait painting of the three ancestor children who he "met" as ghosts on his Christmas visit seem to have disappeared along with the portrait that his great grandmother lent to an art exhibit. He is further alarmed when she says that money is tight because the place must have repairs ( [...]

    2. It was not until I began to read Treasure at Green Knowe, the second volume in L.M. Boston’s charming Green Knowe series, that I realized just how much I had missed Tolly; his great-grandmother, Mrs. Oldknow; and the spectral Toby, Linnet and Alexander, who died of bubonic plague 300 years before Tolly was born. I absolutely loved Children Of Green Knowe, a delight for adults as well as children, and none of the magic has disappeared in this volume, which originally appeared in 1958 under the [...]

    3. Three and a half stars. At first I thought I wouldn't like this volume as much as the first, but I did. Each installment seems to be so different from the others; in this one, Tolly and Great-Grandma are the same but the 17th century painting is gone, replaced by an 18th century one. Of course it comes with its own ghosts and encounters. This time Tolly gets to play a larger part in the life of the past. For some strange reason I was strongly reminded of an American "ghost" story, The Ghost of O [...]

    4. I love the stories that Granny tells to Tolly about the old house and the family. Home on Spring break, Tolly explores the old house and looks for treasure. We meat cousin Susan and her friend Jacob. The narration by Simon Vance is mesmerizing. I cannot wait to start the next one.

    5. Love this series of children's books, which are full of mystery and magic. The house at Green Knowe touches bother the present and the past as the backdrop of the adventures of Tolly, a young boy who comes to live there between school terms.

    6. I am rereading this beloved series. I find that when I read childhood favorites as an adult, the really good books are never silly or immature. They have a long-lasting ability to draw me in and capture the wonder I had when first reading them as a child. The house and people in this series are dear friends and their stories are timeless. I loved the line Tolly said at the end: Why do people only invent things that go faster and faster, instead of finding some way way to keep it at now? The quin [...]

    7. This book covers Tolly's spring visit to his Grandmother's house in Green Knowe. I really enjoyed his Tolly learns about the past inhabitants of the house and their daily life. He meets Susan and Jacob who are sure to win your heart, as they make a dynamic duo. This series makes me wish to have a granny that would share such wonderful stories with me.

    8. Extremly well written and compelling. However, not nearly as wonderful or wonder full as the first. Is that because we know what to expect? Perhaps. The first story was exquisite in its simplicity and wrapped in a sure and flawless prose. This second novel has more mystery and new characters both good and evil. L. M. Boston is a truly gifted writer. Enjoy.

    9. I guess I must have read this at some point, since I remember the part about the blind girl her stupid brother and his horrible friend forcing the slave boy to climb the chimney. I don't remember the rest with Tolly and his grandmother and the treasure, though, and I don't feel interested enough to reread it.

    10. I enjoyed this book and the historical and mystery sides of it. I was introduced to this book by my mother and though i found the first book less engaging i really liked this one.It addresses the themes of discrimination and prejudice through how many characters treat Jacob.

    11. The present-day stuff was predictable and kind of boring, but the stories from the past were wonderful.

    12. That was a good, fun read. And now, I can watch "From Time To Time", which seems to have an excellent cast and I'm very excited about.

    13. So I read some of this series as a child, and was reading this with a view to then passing it on to my 8-year-old niece who is a voracious reader. In my memory, this was a sweet series with ghosts. And bits of this still are BUT it has a young black boy in this who has been rescued from being a slave and some of the language and the way this is done is of its time and means that I've decided against sending this to my niece. It's beautifully written and atmospheric and there are things that I re [...]

    14. A charming book. Certainly a missed book from my childhood. The language is some what dated, though there is a strong moral message to it. I enjoyed the time slip elements to it. I look forward to read more books by the author, Lucy M. Boston.

    15. The novel bounces between two stories, but in such a smooth, seamless way. I love how she writes a blind character.

    16. That was a good, fun read. And now, I can watch "From Time To Time", which seems to have an excellent cast and I'm very excited about.

    17. Tolly is back at Green Knowe. After a truly magical Christmas he has been counting the days till he would go back and once again play with his ghostly ancestors. Yet this time things are different. Toby, Alexander and Linnet are nowhere to be found. Their painting is also gone, on display at a famous museum. The painting might not ever return there has been an offer to buy it and the house is sadly in need of money if they are to keep it. One hope exists treasure! Back in the 1800s the house ha [...]

    18. Treasure of Green Knowe, aka The Chimneys of Green Knowe, second in the series, has some drawbacks but maintains much of the sense of place and beautiful prose found in the first.This time, Tolly comes home to Green Knowe to find the picture of the three children he met on his last visit has been loaned to a museum. For some reason, this means the children are gone as well. Saddened by this, Tolly nonetheless enjoys exploring Green Knowe in the springtime, climbing the trees and getting acquaint [...]

    19. Here's #2 of 6 of the Green Knowe series, once again with an appealing GREAT-GRANDMOTHER major character.Green Knowe is based upon an actual English house where author Lucy Boston lived: The Manor at Hemingford Grey built in the 1130s complete with moat and gardens; it is one of the oldest continuously occupied houses in Britain. See links below for pictures.House: greenknowe/gallerymlTown: hemingfordgrey/ TREASURE OF GREEN KNOWE has more of the unforgettable Tolly and Mrs. Oldknow, a woman who [...]

    20. I am rereading this beloved series. I find that when I read childhood favorites as an adult, the really good books are never silly or immature. They have a long-lasting ability to draw me in and capture the wonder I had when first reading them as a child

    21. There is undoubtedly a charm here and a conceit that appeals and attracts. There is a delightful relationship between Tolly and his great grandmother and a strong feeling of escape from the real world as represented by school and scoffing, sneery school fellows who appear at the beginning and are alluded to near the end. The first book was about the Stuarts era, this one is Regency. I'm betting the next is going to be early Victorian. But, the historical characters do not bring too much of a sen [...]

    22. Book centers around a series of stories exploring the history of Green Knowe. Tolly has returned but meets different characters from the house's past this time, his Grandmother is stitching together a quilt from remaining clothes of the house's past inhabitants (she's obviously a keen upcycler - although one hopes she isn't terrorizing people to buy her stuff with some naff etsy account) - as she works on the quilt every evening, more secrets and stories from the past are divulged.The use of the [...]

    23. This is a clever adventure novel for kids of any age. The movie (four stars) can be found on Netflix which is called "From Time to Time". This story is about a 9 year old boy (who is older in the film) who travels through time and visits the past periodically throughout the story, but only those who can 'see' and travel in this altered universe can see him, and conversely, he can see certain characters from the past. It is a story of curiosity and exploration set upon a period home which the aut [...]

    24. Treasure of Green Knowe by L.M. Boston, first published as The Chimneys of Green Knowe, is the second of six books in the Green Knowe series. Green Knowe is a manor house dating back to the 12th century. Young Tolly comes to stay for a second summer with his great-grandmother. He knows about the magic of the house where he had encounters with three children who lived there in the 17th century. As his great-grandmother tells stories of the family who lived in the house at the end of the 18th cent [...]

    25. I really liked this book because it was about a boy that was a similar age to me and also because of the connection he had with paintings and clothes from the old Green Knowe family. The characters had their own unique style. For example Seth, was proud and vain, Jacob (the ex slave) was full of life and devoted to Lucy, Captain Green Knowe's blind daughter. There was also Lucy's grandmother, a strict christian and opposed to Jacob's tribal rituals and also determined to make Lucy a proper lady. [...]

    26. The second in the Children of Green Knowe series, Treasure is the story on which the movie From Time to Time with Maggie Smith was based, and the impetus for me to finally read this classic children's series. These are great stories with both elements of historical fiction and fantasy. Maybe for more mature Magic Tree House fans.Tolly is back for another vacation at Green Knowe with his great-grandmother, and reconnects with children from past generations who've lived in the house. His Granny Pa [...]

    27. A wonderful story of friendship.* * *After a second reading, it's still a wonderful story of friendship, but much more than that-like the first, cozy and magical and with a sense of home. I love the image of Tolly sitting by the fire listening to Mrs. Oldknow's stories as she mends the patchworks. And how the house's secrets unfold, always having been there but revealed gradually as the stories progress. There are more sinister characters like Sefton, Caxton, and the grandmother, and I'm a littl [...]

    28. I adore all the Green Knowe books, but this one was especially good! This time Tolly meets the ghosts of Susan, a blind girl, and Jacob, a black boy rescued from slavery, and we are transported to the ancient days of Green Knowe through the enchanting stories. Tolly is searching for the lost jewels of Lady Maria, because only the ancient treasure will save Green Knowe, repair the roof, rescue the family paintings, and keep the old castle from crumbling.Tolly is such a curious, daring little pers [...]

    29. I'm partial to the Green Knowe books. It's all about the excitement of finding something new, something magical, some friendly corner in that ancient castle, some new friends who lived there ages ago and don't mind your poking. It's about a boy's holiday and how one felt in their youth when holidays came and you could explore all day long and pretend all day long - but who could tell it wasn't real if you were convinced of it at the time? It's also about the excitement of having an adult to shar [...]

    30. I am very much enjoying discovering this series as an adult. The language is so lovely and the stories entrancing. I love the feeling she conveys, of discovering places hidden for a century or more, of being in a homey place that still has undiscovered secrets for you, an exciting mystery that began in your own family history.This one seemed a little less scary to me (I have a 12 yr old who enjoys mysteries but not suspense) than the climax of the first book--however they are both fine for proba [...]

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