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The Mullah's Storm

The Mullah s Storm An extraordinary debut novel about courage and survival in Afghanistan written as only a man who has been there and done that could tell it When you write fiction your best work may come from what s

  • Title: The Mullah's Storm
  • Author: Thomas W. Young TomYoung
  • ISBN: 9781101443200
  • Page: 498
  • Format: ebook
  • An extraordinary debut novel about courage and survival in Afghanistan, written as only a man who has been there and done that could tell it When you write fiction, your best work may come from what scares you the most, writes airman Thomas W Young When I first flew to Afghanistan, what scared me the most wasn t the thought of getting shot down and killed It wasAn extraordinary debut novel about courage and survival in Afghanistan, written as only a man who has been there and done that could tell it When you write fiction, your best work may come from what scares you the most, writes airman Thomas W Young When I first flew to Afghanistan, what scared me the most wasn t the thought of getting shot down and killed It was the thought of getting shot down and not killed A transport plane carrying an important Taliban detainee for interrogation is shot down in a blizzard over the Hindu Kush The storm makes rescue impossible, and for two people navigator Michael Parson and a woman Army interpreter, Sergeant Gold a battle for survival begins across some of the most forbidding terrain on earth against not only the hazards of nature, but the treacheries of man the Taliban stalking them the villagers, whose loyalty is unknown and a prisoner who would very much like the three of them to be caught All Parson and Gold have is each other, to stay alive.It is a novel of relentless pace and constant surprise, not only in the turns of its plot but in the strength and fleetness of its prose Thomas Young is a writer and this is the beginning of a brilliant career.

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    1 thought on “The Mullah's Storm

    1. I really liked this book.JUST THE KIND OF NOVEL THAT I WANTED TO READ IN THIS GENREIt was just what I expected to be.I was looking for a novel on the military genre, not so thick, with some female presence and that it won't have too much sensationalism in the form to present the motivation of the actions.I think that about everything that I mentioned, Tom Young, the author, acomplished it just how I wanted to read it.The book is less than 300 pages, so you won't have to invest too much time to r [...]

    2. Major Michael Parson is the navigator on a C-130 Hercules transport plane that takes off from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan into an approaching winter storm. The cargo is a captured Mullah who is a high-priority target in the war on terror. Also on board is a female Army Sergeant who is serving as the interpreter. It's a perfectly routine flight, at least until an RPG slams into the plane and it crashes in the mountainous Hindu Kush.Parson survives the crash, although with a broken wrist. The p [...]

    3. Hmmmmm. Well, I did finish the book, so it couldn't have been too bad, but at the same time, I couldn't tell you what it was about the story that kept me reading. The main character - Michael Parson - felt realistic in a competent but definitely not always likeable way. His female army interpreter companion was well written, and highly competent in her own way, but somehow still didn't *quite* work for me, although I couldn't tell you why. Perhaps part of my issue with the book was the plot, whi [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this. It was fast paced and suspensful while still believable. Things went from bad to worse in the story very rapidly. It was one of those don't blink stories. The military lingo was right on. You knew you were reading a book by a person who had spent years in the military. You didn't have to spend a lot of time saying things like "they wouldn't do that!" That was a huge plus. The hero was not a spec ops guy who knew everything and could do it all with his hands ties behind his [...]

    5. In present day Afghanistan, a popular Mullah, is captured by American Forces and is being transferred to another facility. The Mullah and a woman Army interpreter, Sergeant Gold, board a C-130 even though the conditions are far from good for flying.The C-130 is hit by a missle and crash lands. The Mullah, Sergeant Gols, and navigator, Michael Parson, in trying to complete their mission, set out on foot. The conditions continue to worsen as night falls upon them. It is bitterly cold, windy, and s [...]

    6. Major Michael Parson is co-piloting a C-130 Hercules across Afghanistan. The crew is transporting a highly dangerous and valued Taliban Mullah prisoner. Things were going just fine until they were shoot at by a oncoming missile. The C-130 is shot down. Help is on the way but it a long way a ways. Now it is up to Major Parson and Master sergeant Gold, an interpreter to transport the prisoner across the snowy plains of enemy territory to safety. It will be one of Major Parson’s most dangerous mi [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI got this book by way of the giveaway first reads thing (awesome!) and so, of course, i had to read it. It was free, how could i not? At first glance, not really my kind of book. It’s about a pilot who gets shot down in Afghanistan and has to get out with the only other survivors. Sargent Gold (a chick, yay!) the translator, and a mullah (Islamic spiritual leader, old, completely hateable) who's a prisoner and the reason the plane got shot down in the first place. It’s set in the [...]

    8. PROTAGONIST: Michael Parson and Sgt. GoldSETTING: AfghanistanSERIES: DebutRATING: 3.75As the book opens, a transport plane carrying an elderly mullah, a very high-value prisoner, is shot down shortly after taking off from Bagram in Afghanistan. The mission had been to escort the mullah to a place where he would be interrogated and then imprisoned. Although there are several survivors, only two of them continue in their goal. The navigator, Michael Parson, and the Army interpreter assigned to the [...]

    9. I won a copy of this book on First Reads. I'd like to start my review, by first THANKING Thomas W. Young for his service to our country! Next, I'd like to congratulate him on an excellent novel. This was a real page-turner and I couldn't put it down! It's a shame that this IS actually going on in Afghanistan well as other middle Eastern countries. The best thing I got out of this book, was a better understanding of just how our service men and women FEEL! He points out in the book, that the poli [...]

    10. This is a story of the nightmare that must haunt every serviceman/woman who serves in Afghanistan. The main character is USAF Major Michael Parson, the navigator on a C-130 transport plane. The plane takes off from Bagram airfield in an almost blinding snowstorm with a very important prisoner - a Mullah - on board. Shortly after takeoff, the plane is hit by a ground to air missile and crashes in the mountains. Some of the crew is killed upon impact. The captain of the plane orders Parson to take [...]

    11. This was a unique win for me for the book giveaway. The story is about an Air Force Navigator who is a Major. I am also an Air Force Navigator and a Major, although I fly on different aircraft from the protagonist. So, how could I not love a book that stars one of my compadres as an action hero in Afghanistan? It was a very good story, one that gave me serious flashbacks to my time in Survival school. The drama that unfolds is one that would test anyone, and the cold weather hunting expeditions [...]

    12. Wow, this was a wonderful adventure story, set in a war. I literally could not put it down, reading it cover to cover!I usually don’t go for war stories, but I had a feeling that this would be different and it was. Young has done an excellent job of explaining what it feels like during a war. As the parent of a USAF pilot, it was wrenchingly poignant to read about events that might occur during her career.Characterizations are always important to me in novels and Young has written all of his c [...]

    13. This was my first "couldn't put it down" read of the summer. The author is a decorated Air Force Reserve combat engineer, and the writing reflects a pretty in-depth knowledge of military tactics, equipment, history, etc without going over the head of civilians like me.I've seen Young compared to Tom Clancy. The quick pacing and nail-biting tension are certainly comparable. But where Clancy's is often a story of high altitude international intrigue, Young's is a highly detailed (yet fast paced) a [...]

    14. I won this book on and was very excited to start reading it. I liked how it got going right from the beginning. I thought it was very interesting to read about the culture in Afghanistan and the terrible things that go on over there. I thought Parson was pretty well developed but I was hoping for a little more back story about Gold. However, I really did like Gold. I thought she was a very strong person.I had a hard time putting this book down. I enjoyed the whole story and it kept me on the ed [...]

    15. This was Tom Young's first novel and he did a very good job. It is not a long book, but in order to make the novel work it had to kinda drag on as they went through different situations while they were traversing the Afghan's Hindu Kush Mountain range. It was exciting, thought, and a pretty high powered ending. I should say a high powered fight at the end of the book. But, the ending left you hanging as the "hero" of the story was still on the ground after something happened to his transportatio [...]

    16. The Mullah's Storm is a pure airport paperback not that well written, not that believeable, but just interesting enough to keep you reading. The hyper-heroic navigator and interpreter were the biggest distraction. The thing that kept my attention was the glimpses of the desolation and confusion of what it might be like in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan. Plenty of action, although some of the longer traipses through blizzards threaten to bog me down. If you need a basic military-adventure airport [...]

    17. I read this book a couple months ago when I received it as a first-reads win. Not the type of story I typically indulge in, but it was well written (read: grammatically well composed as well as thoughtfully constructed), and the story was gripping enough to make my bus commute to/from work fly right on by. The ending was kind of a let down, mainly because there wasn't really one, but I didn't lose any sleep over it since the book had already surpassed my somewhat low expectations. I'd say that i [...]

    18. A US plane is shot down over Afghanistan. They were attempting to bring a Taliban member home for interrogation; but now survivors are on the run for their lives in terrible snowy weather. Can they keep the Taliban member alive? Can they out smart the terrorists and stay alive? Will the weather cause them to lose fingers and toes to frostbite? Will anyone provide help? There is no air support due to the weather. This is a frightening story of just how dangerous it is for our troops to be in Afgh [...]

    19. Not my favorite, a great story but way to much description of falling snow etc I found myself skipping a couple pages and not missing a thing. A good story though and memorable characters, I am giving his next book a read. I will keep you posted on how that one comes out Me being a writer myself, I hate writing anything negative, but I owe it to you to be honest and truthful

    20. Gritty and so real I could feel the cold, untimely blizzard that befalls a downed plane carrying an important spiritual figure who has been captured in Afghanistan. I began to understand the reasons why people serve even while flinching at the violence that war brings.

    21. Meh. Starting out promisingly enough, but devolved into a recitation of weapons and military tactics, with no character development whatsoever. OK if that's your interest, turns boring quickly if it's not.

    22. To be honest, I didn't finish reading the book. I just cuoldn't get into it although I gave it repeated tries. I guess the theme of the book didn't appeal to me either after the long, long wars have worn me down, which wasn't the author's fault at all.

    23. I thought that this was a GREAT book all the way up to the ending. Does he get out? Did the Apaches ever come? Did Najib die? I know that it's all implied but I wanted to keep reading! If the ending would've been better than I might have given it a five star rating.

    24. I did not find this book very captivating. The characters were not very developed, the story was only marginally engaging & the ending was not satifying. The descriptions of the terrain & environment were good but I am not a reader who particularly values these attributes.

    25. I received this novel thru giveaways. Thanks Berkley! I was very impressed, as I think this is the authors first novel. Lots of action, intrigue and twists upon twists. Better than many out there! I hope he gets the recognition he deserves and continues to write with the same passion.

    26. An imaginative, fast-paced story with plenty of action and plot twists. Main character a bit too sniveling for me, unlike the confident military aviators I've known. I like the female character, and would have enjoyed seeing some of the story from her POV.

    27. Tom Young has described what all military aviators fear--getting shot down. He's done it with excitement and truth. Action and adventure abounds. There was some jargon, always explained as he used it the first time--for example, I don't know how you would translate a PRC-90 survival radio to civilian mode, other than to call it by it's name. Young uses several survival techniques that seem true to form for me. One wonders why the author picked the navigator as the survivor? This book is a loaner [...]

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