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A Winter Book

A Winter Book Written with such a lightness of touch that it seems miraculous these stories are a further revelation of Tove Jansson s heart warming genius ALI SMITHFollowing the widely acclaimed and bestselling T

  • Title: A Winter Book
  • Author: Tove Jansson
  • ISBN: 9780954899523
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written with such a lightness of touch that it seems miraculous, these stories are a further revelation of Tove Jansson s heart warming genius ALI SMITHFollowing the widely acclaimed and bestselling The Summer Book, here is a Winter Book collection of some of Tove Jansson s best loved and most famous stories Drawn from youth and older age, and spanning most of the twenWritten with such a lightness of touch that it seems miraculous, these stories are a further revelation of Tove Jansson s heart warming genius ALI SMITHFollowing the widely acclaimed and bestselling The Summer Book, here is a Winter Book collection of some of Tove Jansson s best loved and most famous stories Drawn from youth and older age, and spanning most of the twentieth century, this newly translated selection provides a thrilling showcase of the great Finnish writer s prose, scattered with insights and home truths It has been selected and is introduced by Ali Smith, and there are afterwords by Philip Pullman, Esther Freud and Frank Cottrell Boyce.The Winter Book features thirteen stories from Tove Jansson s first book for adults, The Sculptor s Daughter 1968 along with seven of her most cherished later stories from 1971 to 1996 , translated into English and published here for the first time.As smooth and odd and beautiful as sea worn driftwood, as full of light and air as the Nordic summer We are lucky to have these stories collected at last Philip Pullman A Winter Book offers what proper books so peerlessly can the sense of a unique and authentic voice that speaks to the reader across time and culture, heart to heart Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

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    1 thought on “A Winter Book

    1. Last July I read Jansson's The Summer Book and then bought this one, saving it for the winter. Not that all of these stories, selected from Jansson's earlier collections and most previously untranslated, are set in winter--or even in the winter of a life, though those of the third, and last, section are.The stories of the first two sections are the first-person narrations of an unnamed, feisty, stubborn young child. She rolls a huge stone home up the stairs, she tags along oblivious to where she [...]

    2. The daughter of creative parents, her father a sculptor and her mother an illustrator, Jansson's imagination had been given full rein in childhood and it comes out in the opening stories of A Winter Book, told from the perspective of a girl, whom I am sure was the author herself. In fact all through the book, I was often left with the feeling I had been reading non-fiction. This selection draws from five collections presenting the best of her short fiction.In one story entitled Snow, she writes [...]

    3. I wish the short story commanded more respect. We live in a world where anything that isn't a novel is 'a short story'. I doubt one of these, not really a book by Tove Jansson, but a collection of her work put together by others, stands up as a 'story'. It's an odd hotchpotch of pieces. Why isn't that a word used more often for writing? Why can't we have a book of 'pieces'?Rest here: alittleteaalittlechat.wordpre

    4. If you liked The Summer Book, you'll love these stories, especially the later ones which, like The Summer Book are set on one of the many islands off the Finnish coast. Self sufficiency is the gospel here, quite a fantastic notion now in our fiercely consumer oriented world of today. There are some out and out gems - The Squirrel and Travelling Light were my favourites plus the one about the iceberg. And the final story about accepting the incapacities of old age, along with the losses of freedo [...]

    5. 2/3 not my kind of thing, 1/3 very good. And many of these short stories aren't even set in winter. I’d long thought A Winter Book some kind of blatant cash-in by editors, a bunch of stories from other collections chucked together as an ersatz companion to Jansson’s lovely Summer Book. But it was on a special offer, and it was nearly winter, so I got it anyway.The stories are divided into three sections: 'Snow', 'Flotsam & Jetsam' and 'Travelling Light'. The first two lots are semi-autob [...]

    6. Tämä novellikirja sisältää novelleja 26 vuoden ajalta useammasta eri novellikirjasta. Kirja sisältää 32 novellia. Ehkä kokoelmien sekavuus teki kirjan lukemisen raskaaksi, jonka vuoksi annoin tähtiä noin vähän. Tove Janssonin tuotanto on todella laaja ja siihen kuuluu Muumikirjojen lisäksi runsaasti sarjakuvakirjoja, runoja, novelleja ja romaaneja. Mielestäni hän on parhaimmillaan Muumikirjoissa. Novellikirjoista Kesäkirja on paras. Jos Viestin novelleista pitäisi nostaa yksi, [...]

    7. I think -- and believe me, I don't say this lightly -- that Tove Jansson's The Summer Book is my favourite book of all time. So, in all honestly, I couldn't help but come to its twin A Winter Book hoping desperately for the same witty, profound and beautifully observed stories of love, life and growing up. I wasn't disappointed: it really is quietly lovely and, in my opinion, close to perfect.Much more personal than The Summer Book (although that was based on Jansson's own experiences, too), I f [...]

    8. A Winter Book is a collection of some of Tove Jansson’s less famous writing — i.e this isn’t the Moomins. Instead, this is a selection of short stories written throughout her life, many of them autobiographical or otherwise revealing. The stories are generally quiet set pieces, often with vivid images at the centre — the girl rolling a stone home; the girl throwing her torch onto an island of floating ice and lighting it up, but too scared to jump across…‘Quiet’ is definitely the w [...]

    9. Lähes puolen vuoden lukemisen jälkeen sain viimein tämän päätökseen. Osa novelleista oli tuttuja jo muista kokoelmista, ja oikeastaan ne muissa julkaistut mielestäni kuuluisivatkin ensisijaisesti "oikeille paikoilleen", ne pääsevät paremmin oikeuksiinsa alkuperäisissä kokoelmissaan, osina niitä kokonaisuuksia, joihin ne on alunperin kirjoitettu.Mutta koska ehdottomia lemppareita tässä kuitenkin olivat ne muualla julkaisemattomat, ansaitsevat tämän kokoelman novellit ehdottomast [...]

    10. Я нареші почала читати Туве Янсон і вона прекрасна. Книга дуже зимова: зі снігом, холодом, смерттю, самотністю і обов'язковою весною наприкінці.

    11. Il piacere nel leggere racconti brevi è qualcosa che ho scoperto solo negli ultimi anni. Prima ho sempre cercato storie lunghe, forse anche perché le prime antologie con cui ero entrata in contatto non erano poi così ben curate. Ma quando mi capita tra le mani un libro come questo, ogni storia è una perla. Ci ho messo mesi a leggerlo: iniziato a novembre 2013, è stato sul mio comodino fino a febbraio. Dopotutto è il libro dell'inverno, ed è piacevole centellinare le storie nelle serate ad [...]

    12. Sometimes a piece of art can sneak up on you. There's a quote I like from Arthur Rubinstein, speaking of first hearing Sviatoslav Richter play the piano: "It really wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Then at some point I noticed my eyes growing moist: tears began rolling down my cheeks." This book had just the same effect on me. The stories in it contain no big life-changing events, just ordinary everyday things, but then suddenly you realise that it's affecting you in strange ways and you don [...]

    13. "It was raining, with an even, calm rain that might continue idefinitely. "Good, I like rain. Curtains and draperies and endless rain going on and on, pattering, rustling, spattering on the roof, not like the challenge of sunshine that moves hour by hour through the room, over the window-ledge and the carpet, marking afternoon on the rocking-chair and finally vanishing on the chimney breast, red as an indictment. Today's respectable and straightforward grey day, an anonymous day outside time; it [...]

    14. It brought me melancholy, it brought me sadness - Tove Jansson is one of a kind. Very blue, very moving, very Scandinavian. Her prose is simple, transparent. It left me simply sad with an intense feeling of loneliness.

    15. A beautiful antidote to a serious read. Simply tranquil in parts. Her uncomplicated, clean way with language is very peaceful and for this, I enjoyed this book immensely.

    16. “You try to live properly but I try to live richly. It’s like a meadow where I pick here and there but you walk straight through and come out on the other side with empty hands because you haven’t found the flower that you wanted”. .“The Summer Book” (again by Tove) is one of my favourites so picked this up over Christmas as a January winter read. The structure is completely different and is complied of excerpts/short stories (a lot of which I’d already read before) so I didn’t e [...]

    17. This is the kind of book that reminds me why I love reading. It's a quick, satisfying read, but I still wanted more. The stories, some (semi) autobiographical, inhabit a self-contained world of human quirks, nature, and beguiling ideas, and build up into a vision of life in all its mundane and extraordinary details, from childhood to old age.The voice in some of the stories plays the clever trick of subtly telling us more about what is going on than the speaker realises. There is gentleness, wis [...]

    18. Siamo in Finlandia e la voce narratrice appartiene ad una bambina figlia di uno scultore e di un' illustratrice. La storia è raccontata senza entusiasmo, o io non l'ho percepito! La trama è asettica e, alla fine, ci sono lettere e messaggi senza un filo logico. Mannaggia a me che l' ho acquistato compulsivamente considerando Iperborea una sicurezza!

    19. An odd collection of short stories which at first seem slight, but quickly become more beautiful as they build Jansson's quietly idiosyncratic voice. Through the stories you get a real sense of her passion for life, people and for her craft. A poignant, funny and sly writer.

    20. I read Jansson's 'The Summer Book' a couple of years ago and was enthralled by its spare prose and exquisite characterisations. I was lent 'A Winter Book' and, while its short stories still possess a lot of Jansson's charm and melancholy, it doesn't quite reach the heights of 'The Summer Book'. Nevertheless these stories are well-written, with a sparse and melancholy air that lends itself to the darkness of winter.

    21. A collection of short stories from Finnish author Tove Jansson, this explores similar themes to those in The Summer Book, and is every bit as delightful. Jansson draws on her own Bohemian childhood to tell bitter-sweet tales about life with her artist parents. The book also includes letters from a Japanese girl ordered in to a kind of poem, and a moving account of the onset of old age, which eventually forces the author to move from isolated island home.The thing that struck me most about this a [...]

    22. I am relatively new to the writings of Tove Jansson, the author of the very popular Moomin books (I just read ‘Moominland Midwinter, which I enjoyed immensely). I am very conflicted about ‘A Winter Book’, I enjoyed aspects of it, you can tell from the stories that Tove had a very happy childhood and her personality shines through, a very brave and individual woman who brought a lot of happiness to people but I found some of the stories quite hard to read, I knew what she meant and the char [...]

    23. This is a collection of short stories previously published in English as selected by Ali Smith.My favourite piece is a short medley of desperate fan mail and Moomin household product pitches, in addition to the sweet letters of an adoring Japanese fan.A Winter Book reprints 13 stories from the OOP and currently super expensive: Sculptor's Daughter, which will be reprinted in November 2013. The following are the stories from Sculptor's Daughter that were NOT reprinted: The Golden CalfThe BaysThe [...]

    24. A book of 20 short stories, written from the perspective of a young girl growing up in Finland.I really did not enjoy this in the slightest, in fact I really struggled to read it, because I found it so incredibly boring. Granted it has lovely descriptions of the Finnish coastline, but that's about the only positive thing I can say. I found it quite confusing that random characters would pop up, but there was never anything to tell you who they actually were or where they came from. I'm intereste [...]

    25. This book is impossible not to like. The only reason why I gave it four stars and not five is because, being a collection of short stories, whilst there are many that are outstanding, there are some which I just couldn't get into. Stories like Snow and The Dark are just amazing, and almost all of the Flotsam and Jetsam section. A sequel to The Summer Book this is not, but in its miscellany of stories - some just fragments - and based around the ordinary life of living in remote parts of Finland, [...]

    26. In the midst of a UK winter, with short days and news abounding of severe weather, it seemed a nice idea to read this well regarded collection of wintry stories.It wasn't. I persevered, against my better instincts, through a third of this book despite not finding it especially fulfilling. The writing was good, but the stories were too short to allow any genuine attachment or interest to develop. Instead, I looked for a full-length novel by the same author, and was relieved to cast this collectio [...]

    27. Reading this on a commute through a big dirty city is like a breath of fresh Nordic air. It soothed my soul. These are all semi-autobiographical stories of an artist living in remote Finland. Somehow she managed to write stories that are direct, light and full of a hope without ever feeling sentimental or saccharine. The collection of notes/letters she received over the years from fans of her Moomin books was also very funny.

    28. This is such a sweet collection of short stories by the most beloved Finnish author Tove Jansson. Unlike most of Jansson's books, this one is meant for adults, although perfectly good for teens also. The stories are very evocative of place, and the voice of Tove at the different ages in the story is so clear and sweet. Some stories were better than others, but each one was a precious gem. I'm so glad I was given this copy by my friend pippis in Turku, Finland.

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