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Love Not a Rebel

Love Not a Rebel RELUCTANT SPY They called her Highness ravishing Lady Amanda Sterling forced to spy on Lord Eric Cameron by the lord governor of Virginia and her evil ambitious father She d detested Eric Cameron o

  • Title: Love Not a Rebel
  • Author: Heather Graham
  • ISBN: 9780440202370
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • RELUCTANT SPY They called her Highness, ravishing Lady Amanda Sterling, forced to spy on Lord Eric Cameron by the lord governor of Virginia and her evil, ambitious father She d detested Eric Cameron on sight He was a traitor to King and country Yet she d been sent to steal his heart, his soul, and his secret plans for the revolution And now she was his wife, swept inRELUCTANT SPY They called her Highness, ravishing Lady Amanda Sterling, forced to spy on Lord Eric Cameron by the lord governor of Virginia and her evil, ambitious father She d detested Eric Cameron on sight He was a traitor to King and country Yet she d been sent to steal his heart, his soul, and his secret plans for the revolution And now she was his wife, swept into marriage with a man who would sear her with the hellfire of his desire, and make her his prisoner of loveSSIONATE PATRIOTLord Eric Cameron turned his back on his family s estates in England to embrace the patriot s cause He did it quietly before the fateful shots at Lexington and Concord rang out and his true allegiance became clear by cannon and by sword But Eric also fought another war with the glorious Amanda Sterling, the beauty he had married, knowing he could never trust herbut never let her go Amanda, the woman he had vowed to conquer, the spy he would never surrender, even at the risk of his life

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      155 Heather Graham
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    1 thought on “Love Not a Rebel

    1. Great Revolutionary War Romance!This is the 3rd in the North American Woman trilogy, which is a part of the 6-book Cameron Saga, and it is one you will really enjoy. I loved this trilogy and highly recommend it.The story begins in Boston in 1773 when Lord Eric Cameron, a Virginian with estates in England and a descendent of the Camerons whose stories are told in the first two books, meets and falls in love with the beautiful and tempestuous Lady Amanda Sterling who is only 17. Lady Amanda, a loy [...]

    2. Though it was good Love Not A Rebel could have been greatFor a finale it started out pretty strong and then things began to dwindle for me. It was promising, but then a lot of the story detracted away from it's central characters focus by the over usage of historical facts, even historical figures that played big roles in the plot. To be fair I was expecting more of a fun bodice-ripper theme (much like A Pirate's Pleasure gave, which ended up being my favorite of the three books.)I loved that Am [...]

    3. 4 StarsI really liked itI thought it was really cool (and really very smart) to base a boddice ripper on and around the "Boston Tea Party" era. Mrs. Graham must have done some major research for this one. She included real life heros and gave real personalities to people like George Washington, Martha Washington, Ben Franklin and many many more. I'm not a history buff by any means so I can't say for certain if a lot or any of this was based on actual facts but from what I remember learning in sc [...]

    4. “And still, Amanda, I tell you, if you need me, I will be there. I will suffer your disdain, I will marry you knowing that you love another. Just don’t seek to betray me.”“Betray you, sir? Pray, tell me what is there that I might betray?”“Any man can be betrayed.”“I do not betray you,” she lied smoothly. Such exchanges make this a remarkable romance novel. Breathtaking and passionate! You must read it.I want so badly to give it a full five stars. The leads deserve it, their che [...]

    5. beautiful Lady Amanda Sterling is force to spy on lord Eric Cameron by the governor of Virginia aND her evil father. She has hated Eric from the minute she saw him, remembering when she was 8 and he was 14. Eric is believed to be a traitor to the King and to England, the governor and her father has sent Amanda to steal all Eric's selects about Patriots she is even force into marriage Lord Eric Cameron sales his family's estates in England to distant cousin for his cousins land that borders his, [...]

    6. 80's covers are horrible, bodice ripers got top dollar in the 80's, hence the cover art. This story is more complex than you'd expect from the cover, one it's set during the American revolution, exposing patriots as well as tory's to the reader. Yes, our heros are seperated by loyalties except for one. It was a fun use of our revolutionary heros (Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, etc.) to help set the pace and timing of this novel, so few novels are set during colonial times that I take advantage [...]

    7. This passionate book would have been truly epic for me if there was only one (or at the most two) historical individual who personally knew the main characters. But the gratuitous use of actual people, from the American founding fathers to the King and Queen of France, among others, was just too much. It detracted from the beautiful love story. There were also times that it seemed I was reading a history book instead of a romance novel. Too much just takes me out of the story and unfortunately, [...]

    8. Set during the American Revolution, Lord Eric Cameron must choose sides in the war and he chooses to fight with the patriots. He marries a die hard tory, Amanda Sterling, whom is blackmailed into giving his secrets to her supposed father to help the English. She gets caught and he sends her away to France where she has their babies (twins). She meets Ben Franklin and she begins to understand the need for the colonials to be independent. Good Story.

    9. I loved this book! I loved Amanda's spirit as she fought for her beliefs and then against her abusive father. I loved The fact that Eric knew she was in danger and his protcive desire to keep her safe (even from herself). This story has humor, suspense, and lots of sexual chemistry. Could not put it down the first time I read it and have reread it many times since!

    10. FYI: This is the 3rd book in the North American Woman series. I didn't realize this until I finished the book and started reading the book "Sweet Savage Eden" which is the first book of the series.

    11. I'm not sure when love comes into the equation for the couple it seems like more violent lust at least on the male characters part. Not a fan of this kinda thing but over all the book kept me entertained. Nice historical back ground,

    12. This is a well-written novel, even though the back and forth mistrust between the husband and wife was tiring to read. It did take them a LONG time to trust one another, whilst making wildly passionate love. But, it was a good read anyway.

    13. Tavaly kezdtem el a sorozatot és csak most folytattam. Nem csalódtam a történetben. Egy izzig vérig történelmi romantikus regény.

    14. I think this is my favorite out of the series. Revolution!!! I love the passion of it. Yes, I really do read this book once every year or so, it's that good.

    15. This is the first Heather Graham novel that I ever read! It got me stuck on her books! Absolutely one of my favortes!! And it's a series as well!!

    16. Great storyShe is such a talented storyteller . It feels like she was really there in historic times . I enjoyed the characters a nd all of the story twists.

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