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Soul Song

Soul Song If you have yet to add Liu to your must read list you re doing yourself a disservice BooklistWhen it comes to bold originality and pure storytelling skill few authors of popular fiction can compare

  • Title: Soul Song
  • Author: Marjorie M. Liu
  • ISBN: 9780062019905
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you have yet to add Liu to your must read list, you re doing yourself a disservice BooklistWhen it comes to bold originality and pure storytelling skill, few authors of popular fiction can compare with the remarkable Marjorie M Lui and in the realm of paranormal romance, no one is better With Soul Song, the sensational New York Times bestselling superstar brings re If you have yet to add Liu to your must read list, you re doing yourself a disservice BooklistWhen it comes to bold originality and pure storytelling skill, few authors of popular fiction can compare with the remarkable Marjorie M Lui and in the realm of paranormal romance, no one is better With Soul Song, the sensational New York Times bestselling superstar brings readers another marvelous tale of passion and otherworldly occurrences centered around the mysterious Dirk and Steele Detective Agency as a tormented young woman with the precognitive power to foresee terrible futures must place her own fate in the hands of a mesmerizing prince of the sea A master at creating unforgettable love stories featuring shapeshifters, telekinetics, and extraordinary supernatural beings, Lui has earned herself a legion of fans, and Soul Song will merely add to their ranks Christine Feehan, author of Dark Prince and one of the biggest names in paranormal romance, promises that, anyone who loves my work should love hers.

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      451 Marjorie M. Liu
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    1 thought on “Soul Song

    1. Let me preface this by saying I have liked all the other books in this series. Not loved all of them - one of them I found disturbingly like a pro-furry manifesto - but I quite enjoyed the first one, and I downright loved Artur's story. This one? This one fell somewhere in between the first one and the scary pro-furry manifesto. I enjoyed most of it, but there were a few little bits were I was all, "Dude, Marjorie M. Liu, what crack are you smoking?"The best part of the book for me was Kit. I lo [...]

    2. Nothing like a singing Merman to catch your soul!Wow this book was Much Much Much Better than the last one in the series. I definitely enjoyed the read, maybe because I have a thing for Mermen - LOL The story was very creative. M'cal was a beautiful Merman that had a siren's call that could make them do what ever he wanted them to such as kill themselves or shoot other individuals. M'cal could suck individuals souls right out of them leaving just their shell to eventually die. Enslaved by a witc [...]

    3. While I'd love to be able to loan this book out to anyone who was interested, I don't want to give it up - so get your own!The latest in the Dirk & Steele series, SOUL SONG starts with a bang and doesn't stop until the last page. It's so packed with action it literally left me feeling breathless - and so sympathetic for poor Kit (a concert violinist who has the power to forsee violent deaths) and M'cal (a merman enslaved by a soul-stealing witch), who were thrown from one thing to another wi [...]

    4. 1.5 Sterne. War leider nicht das was ich mir versprochen habe - irgendwie war alles etwas überstürzt und es wurde alles einfach ohne großes Nachfragen akzeptiert.Auch die Charaktere waren meiner Meinung nach eher Stereotypisch und leider war auch die "Liebesgeschichte" irgendwie eher auf Sex begründet als alles andere. Schade hatte mir davon wirklich mehr erwartet.

    5. One thing I’ve learned while reading the Dirk & Steele series is that defeating the bad guy doesn’t necessarily mean that things are over. Storylines and characters are interwoven throughout the series and things have a way of coming back around. Such is the case with Soul Song. When we meet M’cal his situation seems eerily familiar. We have to wonder, is it coincidence or is history repeating itself?Imagine falling in love and opening yourself to a person. But instead of happiness you [...]

    6. LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! Oh Kit was amazing! And M'cal was so perfect for her, with his voice to go with her music! I loved how I got more of my man Koni.he is too friggin hilarious with his smart ass comments! Did I mention sexy?? OH YES HE IS!!! LOL!! I was shocked in the end by the witch, and Kit's granma was serious mojo! The characters as always were great, I love them! And how lucky was Kit to be in that delicious sandwhich to escape hypothermiaOMG I was salivating and giddy to imagine it!!A [...]

    7. I liked this story until the very end where it took a rather violent turn that I didn't care for. The extra characters who keep reappearring in the Dirk & Steele stories are fun to read about and help keep you interested in reading more about D&S.

    8. A higher 3.5 just because Kit is a woman of color and a musician and I understood all of the descriptions of music so deeply. Otherwise, still insta-lust and nothing hurts!

    9. To the heroine, her gift has always been unwanted and completely uses. What's the point or seeing violent death on the faces of those around her is nothing she ever says or does will change the outcome? But when she sees a woman at her concert one night, this feeling comes over the heroine and for the first time in a very long time, she feels compelled to at least try to save this womans life. With that one fateful decision, the heroines life will be forever changed. She is witness to a kidnappi [...]

    10. M'cal is a gorgeous Merman who has been held captive by an evil witch who forces him to steal people's soul and give them to her. He has the ability to control others with his siren's song. His next victim is Kitala, a woman with magic in her music. He intends to take her soul, but instead she steals his heart, something he never expected. Together they battle and defeat the witch and other evil characters. This is a beautiful love story filled with lots of action, great sex and a wonderful love [...]

    11. What maddness is this?! we're FINALLY getting some answers to all the shadowy plot line that's been bandied around for 6 books now

    12. I want to make a note that I haven't read other books in the series, so a comparison isn't possible. It's easy for those who haven't read any books in the series to jump right in, as nothing is really mentioned about previous installments, and this story is all the own of its characters. Plot-wise it's a unique piece; a merman of sorts (although that's not his official name) has been enslaved by a witch he trusted years ago. Using his incredible voice, he's forced to steal the souls of victims f [...]

    13. Kitala Bell est une violoniste de talent et qui joue d’une manière presque magique. Elle a également la particularité de voir la mort des personnes qu’elle croise. Une noyade, un étranglement, s’il s’agit d’une mort violente, Kit est capable de voir sur le visage de la personne quelle sera sa mort. Cette faculté l’a peu à peu mise à l’écart des autres et à part quelques tentatives, elle ne prévient plus les gens qu’elle croise à propos de ce qu’elle voit.M’cal est [...]

    14. The Dirk and Steele detective agency takes a back seat in the latest installment of Marjorie Liu's and allows us to see what it's like for two magical people, lost souls without the support of others like them. Like the title implies, this is a beautiful romance that pulls the heart strings and stays with you long after the book is over.M'cal is a tortured hero. Trapped by the mistakes of his past, his reckless youth and false love. He is also Krackeni, a mean bad ass merman with attitude to spa [...]

    15. Der deutsche Titel ist etwas irreführend, das ganze hat nur wenig mit Sirenen zutun, obwohl Musik eine wichtige Rolle spielt. Zum einen geht es um Meermann M'Cal einem Krackeni, der von einer Hexe mehr oder weniger versklavt ist und für sie Seelen stehlen muss, ob er nun will oder nicht. Dabei nutzt er die Macht seiner Stimme. Zum anderen geht es um die brilliante Geigerin Kitala, die über die Fähigkeit verfügt, den Tod anderer Menschen vorrauszusehen und unversehens in lebensgefährliche D [...]

    16. I can empathize with Kitala Bell, who we first met in "Tiger Eye," book 1 of the Dirk & Steele series. If you have to have an extra sense, why would you want to foretell death? Most people I've spoken to on the subject want to see lottery numbers or the location of buried treasure.This is my favorite Dirk & Steele novel yet. Why? I really enjoyed the twisty plot and seeing characters from previous books in the series. That's part of why I read series and not just single titles. I like to [...]

    17. This is now the 5th Dirk and Steel I're read, and I've only just now realized that these are actually romance novels. Duh, I guess I wasn't paying attention to the covers since they were on my nook! But the romance is just done so tastefully in each book that it is not so overt. I really liked the idea of this book, I liked the mermaid and the musician. It was a great combination to get them together. However, I really hated that his name was M'Cal. It bothered me the whole time. I got past it b [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book! It was fast-paced, and despite the fact that the characters fell in bed together pretty quickly (typical of the genre), their speedy romantic attachment did not feel forced. The dialogue felt like things that real people would say. The characters who seemed like bad guyswell, it's not that they weren't, but they had pretty solid, understandable reasons that they did what they did, even if you didn't agree with their methods. It was also nice to have a main character t [...]

    19. I've loved this series, but for some reason Soul Song didn't grab me the way the others did. Ms. Liu's writing was excellent as always, but I really couldn't connect with the hero, M'cal. The heroine was Kit, who we've met previously in the series. I really loved her character, but there was something missing in the story for me. I loved the action, and the outcome of the book. It actually bothered me enough that I waited a few days to write this trying to figure it out. I think it was the lack [...]

    20. I am wavering between 3.5 and 4 stars for this one. This is such an interesting and different series to read. The world M. Liu has created is intriguing to say the least, and this book is no different. In this one, we meet M'cal who is a Merman. And they are a little different than one would expect. Kit, who is a fiddle player, extraordinaire, sees how people are going to die, and this unusual gift leads her into some bad stuff, but she gets M'cal at the end, so it's okay! I loved both of these [...]

    21. It was worth the .50 cents I paid for it. It was cheesy, predictable, with a weak plot.- Yet I read the whole thing ? I really can't explain why. I was so miffed when the bad guys did the comic version of to tell the truth. They told their whole plot to the good guys, in the middle of the evil deed they were participating in at the time ??!?!??! I was totally twisted up at how the story jumped from one point to another abruptly, never going back to finish up several points. So why did I not give [...]

    22. This is the first book I have read in this series. I enjoyed the suspense and the drama. It is a well formed story of a girl with the magic of music and blood-line meets a man of mixed ancestry and enslaved by a witch. I would have liked to see more meat in the story surrounding them in their trek to save a complete stranger that Kitala Bell (our heroine)meets at her own concert, as well as the freedom of the enslaved M'cal. Even in the midst of its climax, the story is over too quickly and leav [...]

    23. Of the 4 books in this series I've read to date, this is by far the weakest. M'Cal and Kitala Bell are great characters, fascinating abilities, but oh, the blah-blah-blah you have to get through (there was a lot of skimming done!) to get to What Happens Next. And the Big Bad, known for most of the story only as 'the witch', is one sick babe. Somehow she's got her hooks into a couple of the local cops (also pretty sick types), and how that happened could have been an asset to the story; as it is, [...]

    24. Against her will,Kitala Bell foresees the future. Now her own future is in peril. From the ocean 19s depths rises an impossible blend of fantasy and danger,a creature whose voice is seduction incarnate,whose song can manipulate lives the way that Kitala herself manipulates the strings of her violin -- even to the point of breaking. He is a prince of the sea, an enigma -- a captive stretched to the limit of his endurance by a woman intent on using him for the purest evil. And when survival requir [...]

    25. Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.Secretive heroine meets even more secretive mystery man. Sounds like a recipe for intrigue and sizzling byplay while watching the two dance around each other.It was nice to see some of the characters from other Dirk & Steele novels being used in this one. The blend of paranormal with reality is always a plus and adds spice to the Dirk & Steele universe.I like that both MCs were flawed but that didn [...]

    26. (view spoiler)[ I thought the ending was fucked up in profound ways. Too much (almost gratuitous, imo) misery, no real catharsis, some inherently wrong messages to take away. Also the complete and lasting helplessness of both of the protagonists throughout the story bothered me: Why did it take another person for Kitala to come into her own power? And why was it, in the end, a three-second cop-out? What was with the contrived semi-sympathetic characterization of the witch? There's more, but I'm [...]

    27. The story:A mixed race musician reclaims her magical background and rescues an enslaved shapechanger. The enslaved shapechanger is redeemed in more ways than one as she reteaches him the value of freedom and teaches him hope and forgiveness.The author:Marjorie M. Liu is a paranormal romance writer. And a sci-fi fantasy writer and reader. Her stories include powerful women, people who have experienced pain and recovered to become stronger individuals and some interesting and fun plots. The charac [...]

    28. Soul Song has a much more tenuous connection to the universe of the 'Dirk and Steel' books, and the plot arc doesn't advance very much. What plot there is is also cracktastic in a typical Liu manner, and I am growing a little tired of the OTT/vaguely gender-skeevy villains, but there is still some good stuff in here, and it all makes for a pleasant read—multiracial heroine! her southern, black grandma who is clichéd, yes, but not nauseatingly so! body parts are bitten off! (What? My work day [...]

    29. (view spoiler)[Mad props to the author for actually putting MERSEX in this book. It definitely delivered on that front--and I'm not talking about the merman transforming into a human, or something like that. No, there's definitely scaly manparts that emerge from merman parts, and yeahhhhhh.However, as lulzy as that sounds (and the fact that our mermanly hero sings his foes to death), the actual plot is pretty random, and all the constant 'SOUL MATE' stuff is a total turn-off. Sex scenes are so-s [...]

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