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In Bed with the Duke - Bercinta dengan Bangsawan

In Bed with the Duke Bercinta dengan Bangsawan Pelayan pendamping wanita bangsawan yang pemalu Emma Chegwidden tidak pernah melanggar aturan masyarakat Dia sosok cantik yang sangat sopan dan selalu menjaga diri Sampai suatu malam ia berlari dan

  • Title: In Bed with the Duke - Bercinta dengan Bangsawan
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9789792264401
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pelayan pendamping wanita bangsawan yang pemalu, Emma Chegwidden tidak pernah melanggar aturan masyarakat Dia sosok cantik yang sangat sopan dan selalu menjaga diri Sampai suatu malam, ia berlari dan terjatuh ke dalam rengkuhan Reaper yang misterius dan menakutkan seorang pria yang berkuda di malam hari di wilayah pedesaan yang diselimuti malam berkabut dan menyembunyikaPelayan pendamping wanita bangsawan yang pemalu, Emma Chegwidden tidak pernah melanggar aturan masyarakat Dia sosok cantik yang sangat sopan dan selalu menjaga diri Sampai suatu malam, ia berlari dan terjatuh ke dalam rengkuhan Reaper yang misterius dan menakutkan seorang pria yang berkuda di malam hari di wilayah pedesaan yang diselimuti malam berkabut dan menyembunyikan identitasnya di balik topeng Tujuannya adalah menegakkan keadilan ataukah mau balas dendam Hanya satu hal yang pasti Tidak ada seorang pun yang bisa menghentikannya dari tujuan gelapnya.Michael Durant, pewaris duke of Nevitt yang telah lama hilang, memiliki misi untuk diselesaikan Sinis, berbahaya, dan kejam, Michael adalah pria terakhir di bumi ini yang harus dilawan oleh Emma yang selalu berpikir rasional Tapi, sebagian tantangan terlalu menggoda untuk ditolak dan sebagian nafsu begitu besar dan kuat untuk diabaikan Dengan cepat Michael mendapati bahwa Emma adalah wanita yang selama ini ia dambakan wanita yang kecantikan dan keberaniannya merasuk ke dalam jiwanya yang kesepian dan tersiksa Dan Michael akan melawan apa pun, bahkan takdir itu sendiri, untuk mendapatkannya.

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      271 Christina Dodd
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    1 thought on “In Bed with the Duke - Bercinta dengan Bangsawan

    1. Was definitely disappointing - and is no one else bothered by the rape scene between the hero and heroine?Some of my all-time favorite historical romance books have been written by Christina Dodd - One Kiss From You, Rules of Surrender, Lost in Your Arms, and The Runaway Princess. IN BED WITH THE DUKE started off pretty well and I always love books where the heroine is overlooked, shy, etc. - I thought the fact that Emma had a horrible sense of direction and always got lost was going to add some [...]

    2. I’m not fanatical about historical accuracy, but when I run into the word “clone” on the first page of a book set in 1859, I can’t help feeling like nobody involved in creating it really gave a damn. Unfortunately, that surge of indignation was the strongest emotion I felt while reading most of this. I would have given up on it just a few pages in, but skimming ahead intrigued me--mysterious masked man romance is fun. But since I never did find the overall story or any of the characters [...]

    3. Latest installment in the Moracadian books. Liked it fine, but really when you have the despot in your hands, you kill him, period. And why pull in someone obviously related to the contemporary paranormal she's got going? It's unnecessarily disctracting & the pages could've been better used to develop the relationship between Michael & Emma. And where the hell did Micheal's family and Throckmorten come from? Shouldn't Michael have been a little surprised to see them? I know from previous [...]

    4. I enjoyed In Bed With The Duke, although there isn't really a Duke in the story. Michael Durant is the heir to the Duke of Nevitt and has been in Moricadia for two years, missing and presumed dead by his family in England. In reality, he has been imprisoned and tortured by the evil ruler and his henchmen. Miss Emma Chegwidden is in Moricadia as a paid companion to her loathsome employer, Lady Lettice, who belittles her and makes her rub her feet. After an unfortunate occurance involving a small [...]

    5. While I liked the idea of a simple and plain-looking ladies companion catching the eye of a dashing and very wealthy Duke, the story itself was anything but intriguing. The characters lack dept and even the story itself seemed kind of thrown together and rushed. Almost like no love or care was put into the book. Often times I found myself snickering at the character interactions and dialogue because sometimes it seemedridiculous. Before you think that I am bashing Dodd's story, I did keep in min [...]

    6. Oh, Christina Dodd, I did so love your Governess Brides series until this one. The truth is, I'm not terribly sure where this novel went wrong. Was it the heroine, who only seemed to lose her sense of direction when it was essential to the plot? Was it the hero, who was an awkward mix of fear and bravery? Was it the vaguely non-consensual sex?Or was it her shock at discovering that the Duke and the bandit were one and the same? I found this point particularly ridiculous, as the title of the book [...]

    7. I had to lower my rating on this book as I purchased it twice. In otherwords, when I was at the bookstore I didn't remember having bought and read it once. Luckily, B&N exchanged it. It was okay, but it did not reach out and pull me in like some of this wonderful author's other works. Maybe it was just my mood.

    8. Readable but ridiculous. Some enjoyable character interactions but the plot was far fetched. If you want something you can completely turn your brain off while reading, this would work.

    9. Was reading and enjoying it until I learned that there's rape scene in this book--with the "hero" as the attacker. That's a deal-breaker for me.

    10. Gue dapet novel ini dari oma-oma temen keroncong gue di gereja. Trus gue yang hmmm si oma ini demen cerita-cerita romens panas juga ya. Kenapa dua bintang doang?1. Terjemahannya kayaknya agak-agak berantakan. Yang paling jelas sih tentang penyebutan "dia" yang ga jelas merujuk ke tokoh mana. Kalo versi bahasa Inggrisnya mungkin lebih jelas karena ada "he" dan "she", jadi ketauan siapa yang lagi mikirin siapa, siapa yang lagi ngomong, dst. Kalo bahasa Indonesia kan puyeng yaaakk2. Karakter tokoh [...]

    11. I couldn't finish this , not even by skipping pages. I think my dislike of this book started on the first few pages. The heroine is a companion (ie slave) to a old , spoiled women who treats the heroine like crap. The first couple of chapters are basically the spoiled women belittling the heroine and make silly wagers with her admires that the heroine will get lost when she sends her out to do her bidding (the heroine has a horrible sense of direction and always gets lost). The spiteful biddy as [...]

    12. Dangerous, dark, desperate. Christina Dodd takes us to Moricadia, the country where Micheal, heir of the duke if Nevett, has been being imprisoned and tortured for two years. A place where the rich is very rich and the poor very poor, a place dominated by an evil king who terrorized his people. A place in great need of hope.The descriptions of Moricadia are dark, but so very well written I had not problem creating in my mind an image of the place, of the situation this people is going through. D [...]

    13. La Dodd comes highly recommended by one of my favorite authors, Karen Hawkins, so I try to grab her books when I see them in the used bookstores. They look like your run-of-the-mill historical romances, but I assure you that this book exceeded my expectations.Miss Emma Chegwidden (there's a mouthful) is a demure and unassuming companion to one of the most horrid and spoiled grande dames of current society, one Lady Lettice. Emma's job is primarily to remain at the beck and call of this unattract [...]

    14. First I want to note that this story is much darker than any of the previous books. There is a lot of suffering of the people of this country and there is the ongoing torture of prisoners. We learn what happened to Jude’s brother in Morcadia. I also want to point out that there are things that are done in this book that are going to offend some people. I think that we tend to forget that these books are written in a different era and therefore the rules of today’s society don’t necessarily [...]

    15. Actual rating: 2.5 StarsDon’t let the rating fool you. This is a great read but the reason for my low rating is due to my nit picking. Romance was not up to par and I had issues with the main character. But putting that aside, it was a decent read. It was mixed with corrupt politics that made the setting awesome. From the beginning, Emma was described as a meek servant. She got my sympathy. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she was fired by her employer. She got into a dangerous situation amid [...]

    16. It was Christina Dodd’s “the runaway princess” that got me into reading Historical Romances. Other than “Some Enchanted Evening” I have been satisfied with every Historical Romance that she wrote. as she began to write modern romances and Paranormals; I liked her books in that category as well, though not as much as the historical ones so when she decided that she will be releasing “In Bed with a Duke” her first historical romance in 4 years I was more than excited.The plot interes [...]

    17. Honestly, I didn't remember this book and for obvious reasons. The story wasn't great, there was no chemistry between the two, and I didn't care about either person. It gets two stars and not one because the writing was good.

    18. Strange book. Meek paid companion Emma Chegwidden (great last name) is rescued from her evil, one-dimensional employer by a much nicer one and thrown into the company of a man she's noticed before, Michael Durant- who is escaping his comfy prison to galavant about the countryside, dressed as a ghost to frighten off tourists in order to somehow overthrown the current evil Prince.This is a mixed bag. I liked that Emma felt trapped, as I'm sure many women did during the 19th century. But I didn't c [...]

    19. Don't judge the book by its title kesan yang kudapat setelah membaca buku ini. Buku ke-8 dalam seri Governess bride ini tidak bercerita tentang geverness, melainkan Lady Companion, yang kebetulan lulusan Governess Academy. Gambaran awal membaca judulnya In bed with the Duke, jauh berbeda dengan alur cerita. Bed scene hanya aspek kecil yang baru muncul di pertengahan cerita. bahkan tanpa bed scene, cerita ini akan tetap sama. Pemilihan judul ini menimbulkan tanya, mengapa tidak memberi judul Duke [...]

    20. When a reader gets fond of an author , a silent agreement is made between them , an agreement that is more of a promise , a promise from the author to always give the reader whichever he seeks from comfort to fantasy to love and a promise to hold this author and his/her work close to his heart . The reason why when a loved author publishes a new book his fans go buy it regardless of the storyline , because of that silent promise . Yet I have to say after reading fifteen books of Christina dodd's [...]

    21. I would actually rate this 3.5 stars, or possibly 4, for the writing and the humor, except for a few quibbles and one big problem. The plot raced along, the heroine was likable and I loved her character growth; I just wasn't convinced of the hero's motivations. Lots of telling about how damaged he was by his two years in the dungeon but not much showing. I also have issues with a historical heroine who has sex (for the first time!) with a man whose identity she doesn't know and whose face she ha [...]

    22. Utk karya yang ini gw bilang "lumayan" lah, ada bagian yg buat gw trs tertarik utk baca& ada jg bagian yg buat gw longkapin ke halaman berikutnya. Agak tidak nyambung antara judul dan latar belakang cerita, sama sinopsisnya juga rada "meleng" yah menurut gw.Hero digambarkan pada sinopsisnya itu sinis, kejam, berbahaya padahal dari awal cerita sampai habis yang tergambar cuman sinis doang, bahkan yang kejam&berbahaya itu Sandre; Jean-Paul; sama Rickie. Kalo Emma sendiri diawal cerita terg [...]

    23. Seriously, how can you not be attracted to a romance with such a title?Historical romances are not usually my first choice of romance novels. However, this one drew me in from the start! Endearing Emma Chegwidden escapes one bad situation (serving as companion for evil woman) for another (jobless in foreign land) in this suspenseful tale. Emma is turned out to wander the countryside when suddenly the masked "Reaper" appears. The next thing she knows, she is waking up in elegant house and offered [...]

    24. Why is it that English are presented of high morals against all other foreigners? If I remember right wasn't the Prime rate manipulated at the initiative of English banks? Not very imaginative of the author also this country in the Pyrenees at the doors of the French who dared cut off their King's head; it might almost make us think of well Andorra maybe?! The final is strange with our 6 heroes simply walking out while guards ignore them because "no one would dare question a duke" though the esc [...]

    25. As part of my Paperback Project, I try to randomly grab books from the paperback section in my library. It is filled with popular authors, so it gives me a nice and random sampling of things that people want to read, instead of what they feel they should read (aka: The New York Times bestseller list). I enjoy romance and can usually give the author a great deal of artistic license. However, I can't read too many of them or I start to dislike their ridiculous penchant for gilding every lily and p [...]

    26. Emma Chegwidden thought that taking a position as companion to Lady Lettice Surtees would be an adventure, and she couldn’t have been more right. Soon after starting her new job, Emma found herself summarily dismissed by her penny-pinching harridan of an employer and left to wander hopelessly lost through the forests of Moricadia. Things go from bad to worse when Emma runs smack into the “Reaper,” the ghostly rider who haunts the countryside. With absolutely no idea how she arrived, Emma w [...]

    27. It took me about a chapter into this book to realize I had read it a few years ago.And i just don't know if that's a good thing.I love Christina Dodd's paranormal romances. They're one of the best and I bought quite a few of them. But I don't think I can say that about her historical romances. They always seem to take a lot of creative liberties and never really "feel" like historical romances. There's no manners, speech, or even etiquette in this book to really classify it as a "historical" any [...]

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