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Under His Hand

Under His Hand Whenever Tess Weston s Navy SEAL boyfriend Drew Norwood returned from a mission their lovemaking was always hot and intense It made Tess feel what it meant to be female at its most primitive Taken

  • Title: Under His Hand
  • Author: Anne Calhoun
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Whenever Tess Weston s Navy SEAL boyfriend, Drew Norwood, returned from a mission, their lovemaking was always hot and intense It made Tess feel what it meant to be female at its most primitive Taken Possessed.But Drew s latest unexpected reappearance is different He s filled with raw need for Tess and anger that she has left the windows open in her rough neighborhoodWhenever Tess Weston s Navy SEAL boyfriend, Drew Norwood, returned from a mission, their lovemaking was always hot and intense It made Tess feel what it meant to be female at its most primitive Taken Possessed.But Drew s latest unexpected reappearance is different He s filled with raw need for Tess and anger that she has left the windows open in her rough neighborhood, the one thing he made her promise never to do Independent Tess can t believe Drew wants to follow through on his threat to spank her for defying himbut she s also intrigued Can Tess trust him enough to let Drew dominate her body and her heart

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    • ✓ Under His Hand || Õ PDF Read by ↠ Anne Calhoun
      355 Anne Calhoun
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Under His Hand || Õ PDF Read by ↠ Anne Calhoun
      Posted by:Anne Calhoun
      Published :2018-06-13T20:36:28+00:00

    1 thought on “Under His Hand

    1. Lots of potential with this one, but unfortunately too short for me to fully connect with the characters. I like this author's writing style though, and I'm curious enough to try one of her full-length books. The sex scenes were pretty steamy and the Navy SEAL hero was a bit bossy and intense, but I liked himd the heroine! 3 1/2--4 stars

    2. Well, that was an accomplishment to put on her résumé. She'd managed to scare a SEAL, an individual trained to handle any circumstance at any time with whatever meager tools and resources he had at hand. She'd scared him.Hot short story. I would have loved to have more of Tess and Drew.

    3. 3 1/2 starsWho would have thought that the trip to Spankville wouldn't bother me that much in this book? :O

    4. I'm gonna refrain from posting up any of my reaction via f because I know they won't be mild lol.But let me tell you this!! This book right here is fucking hawttttttttttt!!! I knew it was short but the author gave a full story - I was satisfied (PUN INTENDED!!! rofl)We have Tessa, lived in foster care, basically on her own from since she was 18yrs. Have a kind of gothic look and tend to change up her hair color when she felt like it. She very independent and stubbornly prides herself that trait. [...]

    5. Bit of a waste of time. I don't think I do very well with stories where I'm catapulted into a situation and all the getting to know each other stuff is woven in later. Or maybe I just didn't buy the whole I'm spanking you so you'll trust me story line. Calhoun is a smooth writer but perhaps her stories are not quite fish and not quite fowl, for me.

    6. I am a big fan of Anne Calhoun. She can write a great story - long or short. In the novellas, her characters have depth and the story is not rushed. My favorite of hers is Fighting Fair. I liked this one almost as well. This is actually a 4.5 stars for me but there were 2 very small editing errors, so I am detracting .5 stars.

    7. Very sweet novella, love this author’s writing. SCENES/CONTENT: two/steamy (plus spanking)GENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGTH: 36 pages

    8. There was more depth to this erotic short story than I expected from the blurb. An interesting, well-written look at the deepening of a relationship.

    9. 3 ½ stars. Good character development. My only complaint is that it’s short. Some may not like the long spanking sex sceneORY BRIEF:Tess was brought up in foster homes. She now barely supports herself as an industrial design artist. It’s hot outside, and she can’t afford to repair the air conditioner. She leaves the windows open for relief. Her boyfriend Drew is a Navy SEAL. He just came back from a mission and is angry to see her windows open. She lives in a rough neighborhood. It’s no [...]

    10. Posted on Under the CoversIn this brief but seriously seductive story between a Navy SEAL and his sweet girlfriend, Anne Calhoun reminds readers of just how must trust and love is needed in a relationship. Calhoun takes it one step further and shows how that trust extends to the bedroomDrew Norwood returns home after an extended stay on a mission. He finds his girlfriend, Tessa in their home where she has left the windows open. Normally, this wouldn’t be a cause for concern, but in a rough nei [...]

    11. Oh I would have loved this to be full length. The story is complete within the novella, but I was captivated by the characters and the story. I don't qualify as an expert in whether this is BDSM or erotic, so for what it's worth, I call it both. Loved the hero, great heroine. He is a navy SEAL, she comes from care, abandoned by her father, then her mother not surprisingly has trust issues. He comes home from a mission to find her bathing in her upper story bedroom, with the window open, in a see [...]

    12. Appena ho iniziato questo racconto ho pensato che avrei concluso l'antologia dando cinque, belle stelline invece sono stata beffata. Ammaliata dall'entrata da 'Io comando. Io ti voglio.' di Drew, sono stata sul punto di chiudere il libro senza nemmeno finire il racconto. Perché? Facilissimo: sculacciate. Dio, proprio non riesco a tollerare lo spanking <_<

    13. First read: September 2014I giggled at the title, tbh.Reread: July 2017I still find the title funny. Anyway I miss Anne Calhoun's shorts.Reread: February 2018Still entertaining.

    14. Another sizzlin little short story with an independent woman and a Navy SEAL. She has been careless with her safety, at home, and he is determined to punish her for it! All I can say is Ms. Calhoun needs to be writing more books!

    15. So bad even being free from amazon can't redeem it. Glad it was so short I didn't waste a lot of time on it.

    16. Due stelle perchè l'autrice, oltre a elencare tutta una serie di scene di sesso, ha almeno tentato di soffermarsi sulla psicologia della protagonista. Ovvio che è tutto molto superficiale, ma almeno si capisce perchè la donna, abbandonata da tutti, cerchi indipendenza economica e abbia paura di creare un legame stabile. E quindi che fa?eglie, tra tutti, chi la punisce.

    17. Whenever Tess Weston's Navy SEAL boyfriend, Drew Norwood, returned from a mission, their lovemaking was always hot and intense. It made Tess feel what it meant to be female at its most primitive. Taken. Possessed.But Drew's latest unexpected reappearance is different. He's filled with raw need for Tess—and anger that she has left the windows open in her rough neighborhood, the one thing he made her promise never to do. Independent Tess can't believe Drew wants to follow through on his threat t [...]

    18. Navy SEAL Drew Norwood has very few rules or requests for his girlfriend Tess Weston, but the one he wants followed mostly is keeping her windows and doors locked and closed at all times. He only wants her safety in a rough neighborhood and he doesn't think that is a hard rule to follow until he comes home from a mission to see the upstairs windows wide open. To make sure she understands this rule when he presented it to her, he told her the consequences of not doing it: a spanking.When the air [...]

    19. For a girl with trust issues having a Navy SEAL boyfriend who can’t talk about his missions, leaves at the drop of a hat, stays gone for weeks at a time with no contact and steals back into your apartment in a unconventional way under the cover of the night is probably not the best choice when considering potential boyfriend material. Tess Weston finds out the hard way that it can be both terrifying and thrilling when said boyfriend does finally make an appearance. And I really liked Drew’s [...]

    20. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. I'd read and loved Liberating Lacey not too long ago, and it's one of my favorite erotic romances out there because of all the emotion and plot she managed to pack into that book. (If you haven't read it, you should. It's so well done!) When I read the blurb for Under His Hand, the spanking bit made me a little leery, but to be honest, the author had me at "SEAL". There were a few things that I had trouble coming to grips with in the plot, like Tess' [...]

    21. If the series seems inspired by 50 Shades, don't read the book, or fortunately in this case, short story. Not a hard concept. But, based on my enjoyment of Liberating Lacey, I ignored that voice of reason. I wish I hadn't. Spanking can be hot as hell, and frankly those few pages were. Unfortunately, it was surrounded by a plot where she "deserved her punishment" for ignoring his wishes about what she did in her own home and eventually came to realize it was all about him proving she could trust [...]

    22. Tess has trust issues. So why would she date a Navy SEAL who leaves at a drop of a hat and she has no idea when he will return? As a SEAL, Drew is very protective of Tess. She doesn't live in the best neighborhood and has certain rules for her when he's out of town. When he returns unexpectedly and catches Tess breaking one of his rules, he decides that she needs to be punished a la a good spanking. Tess doesn't understand what the big deal is and doesn't believe that Drew will follow through. B [...]

    23. Under his HandI've not read any of Anne's work before and her style of writing is quite different from the usual 'lust' filled short stories I've read but it was a nice change, the story was full of want and need and by the end of it you understood the love shared, it was no means a love story but it also wasn't a sex filed story (although there was a lot of that too) i'd recommend reading Under his hand and also following Anne Calhoun as I will be doing and I look forward to reviewing more of h [...]

    24. 3.5 StarsIn the end, this was a decent, short read. The author does most of the character development at the middle and the end. I'm glad I didn't put the book down after the first few pages. The beginning of the story had me rolling my eyes, since I didn't have any real insight into the characters' personalities. I initially thought this was going to be one of those books with characters and situations that were just too unbelievable to be enjoyable. Knowing that you'll get a little more substa [...]

    25. Tentang Tess dan Drew, yang sering berpisah, (Drew anggota Navy Seals) yang sering menghilang dalam tugas> Dan setiap kali kembali, percintaan mereka biasa nya selalu panas membara, bahkan AC kamar Tess pun tidak mampu mendinginkan nyaKali i ini kepulangan Drew agak aneh,karena dia marah Tess membuka jendela kamar semarah apakah Drew hingga mempertaruhkan hubungan mereka? Sanggupkan Tess mempertahannka?Up and down hubungan kekasih yang cukup menarik dengan Drew yang kasar, sekaligus lembut na [...]

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